Expanding with focus on the future

Expanding with focus on the future

Welcome to our latest blog, where we will be discussing our plans to expand our reach in Spain, our continued partnerships with MRI firms, and our SuperUser Program. We believe that this year will be a game-changer for the cosmetic industry, and we are eager to share our vision with you.
Join us as we take a closer look at our plans for expanding in Spain, collaborating with new MRI firms, and giving cosmetic experts a chance to try our innovative technology for free with the SuperUser Program. Get ready to see the future of filler injections and be a part of the revolution!

Expanding in Spain

We are thrilled about this year’s focus: to expand in Spain. With a growing demand for cosmetic procedures and a need for safe and effective treatments, our app offers a game-changing solution for cosmetic experts in Spain. Our technology allows for real-time visualization of the patient’s arterial network, reducing the risk of complications and improving the overall outcome of the procedure. 

Our app has already received great success and recognition in the cosmetic industry, and we are eager to bring this cutting-edge technology to Spain. 

We believe that our app will revolutionize the way filler injections are performed in Spain, offering a safer and more effective experience for patients. Our company is dedicated to improving the quality of cosmetic procedures and we are excited to see the positive impact that our app will have in Spain.

Focus on MRI centers

Over the past few years, we’ve already established several partnerships with smaller but also leading MRI firms and we will continue to do so in the near future.

As many of you know, our app requires an MRI scan to function effectively, providing real-time visualization of the patient’s arterial network when performing filler injections. By partnering up with MRI firms, we are able to offer this cutting-edge and innovative solution to perform filler injections in a better, more accurate and safer way.

These partnerships allow for seamless integration between the MRI scan and our app, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both the cosmetic professionals and the patient. The combined expertise of our company and our MRI partners will result in even more accurate and safe outcomes for filler injections.

We are confident that these partnerships will greatly enhance the adoption and impact of our app in the cosmetic industry. Our goal has always been to improve the quality and safety of filler procedures, and we believe that these partnerships will help us achieve this goal on a larger scale.

We look forward to continued success and growth in the future with the help of all of the MRI firms who decided to pioneer and join our ARtery 3D community.

Discover our SuperUser Program

We will also continue to try and find new users who want to test out our technology for free, with our SuperUser Program. This program was designed to give cosmetic experts the opportunity to try out our innovative app for free, meaning they will be able to visualize the arterial network of their patients through their smartphone.

Eligible cosmetic experts can apply for a free license to use our technology. In return, we ask for feedback on their experience and a few personal details, including the names and locations of nearby MRI firms. This information will help us to better understand the needs of our users and continue to improve our technology. But it will also give us the opportunity to negotiate partnerships with new MRI firms.

The SuperUser Program is a unique opportunity for cosmetic experts to be among the first to try our groundbreaking technology, and to provide valuable input that will help shape its future. Our app offers a safe and effective solution for performing filler injections, and we believe that this program will provide cosmetic experts with the chance to see for themselves just how much our technology can improve their procedures.

We are excited to see the impact that our SuperUser Program will have on the cosmetic industry and to receive feedback from our users. We are confident that this program will bring us one step closer to our goal of improving the quality and safety of cosmetic procedures for patients everywhere.

Conclusion: let’s be revolutionary

In conclusion, we are now – more than ever – focused on revolutionizing the cosmetic industry by expanding in Spain and offering our cutting-edge technology to all cosmetic professionals out there. We have already established partnerships with lots of MRI firms and we will continue to do so in the future to provide a seamless and efficient experience for patients through our ARtery 3D app. Another thing we will be putting more focus on this year is our SuperUser Program. This Program is the perfect opportunity for cosmetic experts to try out our technology for free and provide us with valuable feedback to help shape and improve our app. We are thrilled to be on the forefront of innovation in the cosmetic industry. We truly believe that this year will bring new and exciting opportunities, and we invite you to join us on this journey. So if you are a cosmetic expert interested in participating in our SuperUser Program, we invite you to register today! Please reach out to us for more information or if you want to learn how you can benefit from this exciting opportunity to pioneer with your cosmetic clinic.

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