Revolutionizing filler injections: the onboarding process of our SuperUser Program

Revolutionizing filler injections: the onboarding process of our SuperUser program

The onboarding process for a new technology can often be intimidating and overwhelming, but with the SuperUser Program from ARtery 3D, it couldn’t be easier. ARtery 3D has developed groundbreaking technology that allows cosmetic doctors to visualize a patient’s arterial network when performing filler injections. 

The technology is available through the ARtery 3D app, which provides an augmented reality view of the arterial anatomy of the patient. This allows for more accurate and safer treatments, with benefits for both the patient and the cosmetic professional.

To attract new users, we have launched our SuperUser Program, which provides free access to our technology for a limited amount of time in exchange for feedback and connections to new MRI centres. In this blog post, we will explore the onboarding process of the SuperUser Program, from registration to using the ARtery 3D app.

What is the ARtery 3D SuperUser Program?

 The SuperUser Program is a unique opportunity for cosmetic healthcare practitioners to experience the benefits of the ARtery 3D app firsthand. This groundbreaking technology allows doctors to visualize a patient’s arterial network when performing filler injections through augmented reality. The ARtery 3D app offers a high level of accuracy, making the procedure safer and more accurate, reducing the risk of pain and bruising, and improving the patient experience.

Step 1: Registration

The first step to becoming a SuperUser is to fill out the registration form on our ARtery 3D website. The form requires personal information that is kept confidential and not shared with anyone else. Once the form is submitted, our international ARtery 3D team of experts will contact the user to schedule a free demo of the app and set up the user’s account.

Step 2: Free demo and setup

During the demo, an ARtery 3D expert will show the user how to use the app and answer any questions. After the demo, the user will be able to access the app and start using it for free. If the user needs help finding an MRI centre to work with, they can provide information to our ARtery 3D team, and we will contact the MRI centre and arrange the necessary appointments

Step 3: MRI centres

To use the ARtery 3D app, the user needs to have an MRI scan of their patient’s arterial network. The MRI scan is done at an MRI centre of the user’s choice, and the images are uploaded directly to the ARtery 3D app. If the user needs help finding an MRI centre, they can provide information to our ARtery 3D team. We will do what it takes to make sure that everything is properly arranged.

Step 4: Using the ARtery 3D app

Once the MRI images are uploaded, the user can use the ARtery 3D app to visualize the arterial anatomy of their patient through augmented reality. The app allows the user to see the different levels of the arteries with a high level of accuracy, reducing the risk of pain and bruising during the treatment for the patient. Our app also provides a better patient experience and can improve customer loyalty by offering a good experience and better and more accurate results.

Good to know: our SuperUser Program

The length of the free trial period for a free ARtery 3D license depends on the user’s proximity to an MRI centre that has partnered with the company. If such a centre exists, the user will receive six months of free use. However, if no nearby centre is available, the user will be requested to help locate one, and if the process takes some time, the free period will be extended to 12 months. There is no obligation to subscribe to a paid plan after the free trial period, giving users the chance to experience the technology, provide feedback, and decide if they want to continue using it. Additionally, we are also currently offering a 20% discount on annual subscriptions, making it a cost-effective option for those who choose to continue using our innovative and cutting-edge technology.

Helping you through every step of the process

Our international team is at the service of each and every one of our SuperUsers through every step of the way. From onboarding until becoming a paid licensed user (not obligatory). We welcome every cosmetic doctor who wants to pioneer and become part of our ARtery 3D community with open arms. Our experts are more than happy to help out wherever we can during the period of the user’s free license. We are offering full support to all our ARtery 3D users, so that they can focus on making patients happy with higher quality filler treatments thanks to our amazing and groundbreaking technology.

Conclusion: become a SuperUser

Our SuperUser Program is a great opportunity for cosmetic doctors and professionals to use our groundbreaking technology for free for 6 months. With our app, cosmetic doctors can visualize a patient’s arterial network and perform filler injections in a better, more accurate, and therefore safer way. The benefits of using ARtery 3D are significant, including clinic growth, customer loyalty and healthy long-term relationships with patients, but also higher quality and safer filler treatments. By participating in the SuperUser Program and becoming one of our SuperUsers, cosmetic doctors and professionals can take advantage of all these benefits and contribute to improving the technology further by providing feedback and connecting us with new MRI centers. The four easy steps to register for the program are straightforward, and the process is completely risk-free.

With the SuperUser Program, cosmetic doctors can enhance their practice and offer a more personalized experience to their patients, ultimately improving their satisfaction and loyalty. Don’t hesitate to register and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to revolutionize the way you perform filler injections!

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