Distributor program

Be part of our Global Network, offering to your customers the most innovative technology to improve fillers experience and customer loyalty.

Our Distributor Program​

Join our reseller network for a full support, sales and marketing team to help you promote ARtery 3D to your customers.

Benefits of our Distributor Program​

Portfolio integration

Easy integration on your portfolio.

Special discounts

Benefit from special discounts and promotions according to the sales volume.

Grab the opportunity

Grab you chance to distribute one of the most innovative technoly in aesthetics.

What you will get from us?

Co-marketing plan

Actions to develop together to expand both brands in your territory, like digital advertising like Google Ads and Social Media Ads.

Sales support

Training, free demos, tips, Fillers Academy and all you need to promote our brand with your current and new customers.

Dedicated trainer

Customer success manager only for you, to help you to improve your strategy. to expand your revenue increasing your revenue.

Special features only for our distributors

Success manager

Focused on helping the distributor to generate new sales and win new customers.

Knowledge of the market

All our knowledge of the market and the sector, at your disposal. Market research, marketing and advertising strategy focused on achieving new sales.

Experts panel and Board Members

The best way to have direct feedback from our current customers and users.

Do you prefer to see how it works before to start? Contact us for a free demo with our expert.


How to become an ARtery 3D distributor

Grow with us, reach new customers, expand your brand and improve your stock performance by promoting our innovative technology.

Book a meeting with our team
Close a demo with our team of experts. Get to know in depth the benefits and characteristics of our product.

Learn from us how to promote

The best marketing and sales techniques. Learn how to escale your business by promoting ARtery 3D

Marketing integration

Place our brand into your business. All the Marketing Materials you need to start selling and promotiong our brand

Start selling ARtery 3D!

Promote ARtery 3D to your customers. Expand your business by selling the most innovative technology.

How our technology works



Video Scan

Create a personal patient account, record a 20” video where the patient’s head turns from left to right.




After infrared lamp preparation, patient undergoes an MRI to map their facial anatomy.



Arterial Anatomy visible on smartphone

Provides a 3D view of the patient’s anatomy through augmented reality.


Frequently asked questions

How can I start?
The first step is to arrange a meeting with our expert in the distribution channel, to analyse your case in depth and see if you are the distributor we need. Once we have both assessed the suitability of working together, we will indicate the next steps and guide you through the process of becoming a distributor.
What are the requirements to become a distributor?

The initial requirements are:

  • To be totally or partially dedicated to the distribution of the fillers sector.
  • To have a local presence in the country where the distribution activity is to be developed.
  • To have a commercial and marketing infrastructure that allows to reach the monthly sales objectives.

We will analyze each case in depth to determine if it is necessary to include any additional requirements.

What's the expected benefit I'll get?

The retail price is set by the distributor. We offer a price below our B2C sales price, which is published on the website in the Pricing section. It will depend on the selling price, the market in the country where the distribution strategy is implemented, and the actions taken to achieve the objectives. Normally an average of 10 new sales are closed each month, but as always, it depends on the intensity of the distributor’s commercial activity. Our team is always available to help our distributors to improve the return and the acquisition of new accounts. Take advantage of it!

Do you offer exclusivity to each distributor in the territory in which it operates?
Yes, each distributor has exclusive rights to the area in which it operates, as long as a minimum number of sales per month is reached.
Is there any kind of permanence?
Contracts are signed for a period of one year, renewable for equal periods. If sales targets are achieved, the contract remains active. If not, ARtery 3D reserves the right to terminate the contract if the sales targets are not met.

Let’s help you grow your business

Grow with us, reach new customers, expand your brand and improve your stock performance by promoting our innovative technology.

Meet the experts shaping our industry


Contact us for a free demo with our expert.


Who we are

Augmented Anatomy is a Belgian start-up company and among the first to implement the use of augmented reality (AR) in the medical world. Its Founder and CEO, Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx, turned a dream of seeing through someone’s skin into a reality, creating ARtery3D. Together with a team of doctors, engineers, and IT-experts, we developed the first AR app that enables you to visualize the unique arterial patient anatomy.

We want to introduce ARtery 3D to the entire world and we’re doing so one step at a time. Right now we also have an audience in mind who we believe can help us change the world of fillers forever.


Some of our figures














Trusted by clients worldwide

We’re so excited with the licensed users we already have on board. It means the world to us that so many cosmetic experts are now completely convinced of the value proposition of ARtery 3D and all the benefits our product has to offer.