Visualize patients arteries with ARtery 3D App

The App allows you to visualize patient anatomy with accuracy and identify danger zones.

Our technology allows you to visualise the individual arterial anatomy of each patient with a high level of accuracy, in terms of location and depth, with an average variation of 0,3mm (SD +/- 0,7mm). **
Patient Loyaltie

As an experienced clinician, when you can visualise facial anatomy to a high level of accuracy, patients cite less pain and reduced bruising after the procedure*. Therefore, the overall patient experience is optimized.

ARtery 3D not only delivers an accurate projection, it also provides the reassurance you need to inject filler to exacting safety standards.
Medical patient file
ARtery 3D enables you to create a digital record so you can track changes and evolutions for any repeat treatments in the future.

How our technology works

The all-in-one patented digital solution to visualise every unique, arterial patient anatomy. Improve the treatment experience using the latest technology, AR


Video Scan

Create a personal patient account, record a 20” video where the patient’s head turns from left to right.




After infrared lamp preparation, patient undergoes an MRI to map their facial anatomy.



Arterial Anatomy visible on smartphone

Provides a 3D view of the patient’s anatomy through augmented reality.

Benefits for your center


The App allows you to visualize patient anatomy with accuracy and identify danger zones.

Reduce pain and Bruising

Create a digital patient record to track and show both changes and evolutions.

Less Complications

Visualizing the arterial anatomy as a useful guide to perform filler injections.

Easy to use

An all-in-one works in 3 simple steps: face scan, through mobile, MRI and phone visualization.

Digital Record

Less pain and discomfort during the procedure. Less bruising after the treatment.

Build Loyalty

Optimise your clinic growth and customer retention improving patient experience.

Trusted by clients worldwide

Many cosmetic experts are now completely convinced of the value proposition of ARtery 3D and all the benefits our product has to offer.
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Frequently asked questions

How ARtery 3D works?

ARtery 3D works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Face Scan. Start by creating a personal patient account and record a 20” video during which the patient’s head turns from left to right.
  2. MRI. Send your patient with an MRI prescription form for a one-time, risk-free MRI to scan the individual arterial anatomy.
  3. Arterial anatomy visible on smartphone. During the follow-up consultation, open the patient’s file and scan the patient’s face to see their individual arterial anatomy through augmented reality.
Which steps should I follow before doing a Video 3D Scan?

The initial requirements are:

  • Patient registration via Website. A simple online process to register your patient on the ARtery 3D platform.
  • Get the printed MRI prescription. An MRI prescription is provided for you to stamp, date and sign
  • Take a 3D scan of the patient’s face with the back camera of your smartphone. A 3D surface scan of the face is incorporated into our facial software algorithm to further increase the accuracy of ARtery 3D.
  • Use Face 3D to generate a 3D Video Scan of the face. Arterial anatomy is visible via ARtery 3D on an approved device.
How will I see the patient’s arterial anatomy in my smartphone?
  1. Select the right patient in the ARtery 3D app
  2. Aim the phone at the face and push “scan”
  3. See the individual arterial anatomy through augmented reality
What do I need to start using ARtery 3D?
You do not need a separate device to use ARtery 3D. You can access our platform through your computer and smartphone. The ARtery 3D application is available in Apple App Store. We support iPhone X and all versions after that.