Welcome to the world of ARtery3D!

Some of you may have heard a few things here and there about this new app and are now very excited to find out more. Others of you are probably hearing about all of this for the very first time. But one thing is for sure: after reading this blog about ARtery3D, you will never look at the procedure of injecting fillers in the same way again.

The power of technology

Let’s go back in time for a minute… Remember when none of us had smartphones? It sounds insane now even thinking about it, but to be honest… We were all doing completely fine without them. To be fair, we didn’t even know they existed… So how could we possibly miss them in our lives? Think about it for a second: if someone would’ve told us 20 years ago that in just a few years of time, we would all have a smartphone in our back pocket, in our purse or practically attached to our hand… Well, we would’ve probably called them crazy.

But then, technology started shifting a lot… and quite fast too. Smartphones became a huge hit, we all wanted one and all of a sudden, we found ourselves in a place where we couldn’t live without them anymore.

Well, that’s what technology does. It catches you completely off guard and before you know it, you just can’t live without anymore.

To us, this is a perfect representation of ARtery3D. This is exactly what the technology we’ve been working so hard on, is all about.

The evolution of filler injections

Fillers have been becoming more and more popular over the last few years. In fact, the popularity is still rising and when we start to look closely around us – and in particular on social media – it doesn’t look like it’s going to come to an end anytime soon. If we compare the way doctors and health practitioners are working nowadays to when it all began in the ‘80s, we can definitely say that we’ve come a long way.

Research, case studies and experience have learned us so much over the past 30 years. But when it comes to medical technology, we’re never really done learning. There’s always room for improvement: we are eager to try out new methods, we want to find ways to work with more accuracy and most of all: we want to use technology. It’s in our human nature to want to be better than the rest… Better than our competitors. Well, we don’t blame you. As a matter of fact, we think you’re absolutely right!

ARtery3D: the new way of injecting fillers

That’s actually exactly what our technology does. It makes you better – or in particular: it improves the quality of your treatments significantly. How? Our team of experts have found a way to implement the use of augmented reality in the medical world and in the world of filler injections. So basically the idea is to visualize every patient’s unique arterial anatomy through AR – using only an app on your smartphone. Yes, that’s how unbelievably easy it is.

Sure, doctors and health practitioners have been performing filler injections without the use of technology for years now. And to be honest, things were quite fine the way they were – before patients and doctors ever even knew about the existence of ARtery3D.

But that’s the thing: the technology didn’t exist then. Well, it does now.

And we truly believe that there will be a moment in time, where people will think to themselves: how on earth is it possible that filler injections were once performed without the use of technology? How were we ever able to do this without visualizing the arteries? And that moment might arrive a lot sooner than you would think.

Take your treatments to a higher level

The medical world is evolving and changing at such a high rate. So it’s only natural that we all want to be pioneers, we all want to be the best in what we do. That’s one of the main reasons why working with ARtery3D is so interesting and beneficial.

Go further than your client’s expectations

Just imagine wanting fillers and having a doctor who has a tool to perform your filler injections in a more accurate way than others. Imagine having the privilege of getting a better client experience and a higher quality treatment. Imagine being able to count on a professional who knows exactly what he’s doing, because he can actually see it with his own eyes through AR technology – right there on the screen of his smartphone.

Well, there’s no need to imagine anymore. Because we have the solution right here in front of you now.

Let’s face it, that’s all most clients are really looking for: a doctor or health care practitioner who wants what’s best for his patients. Someone who is looking to improve at all times, to up his game, to evolve and to be a true pioneer when it comes to using the latest technology.

Conclusion: what is the value of ARtery3D?

The cutting-edge technology of ARtery3D is not only an extremely easy tool to use when performing filler injections. It’s also a way to improve filler procedures and treatments on a very high-quality level and most of all: it results to long-term and healthy relationships with clients – who will choose doctors who have decided to hop on that technology train, above anyone else… Every single time

Are you interested in finding out more about ARtery3D and how it can take filler treatments to the next level? Let’s get in touch!

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