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What is ARtery3D exactly and even more so, why would doctors and health care practitioners even consider using it when performing filler injections? We are very glad that these questions are being asked because that means that a lot of thought goes into filler procedures. And that’s exactly what we want to accomplish with ARtery3D: we want you to think about how filler treatments could be better in the future.

But most of all… we want you to take a second and think about how our technology can affect patients in a far more positive way than ever before.

What is ARtery3D?

First things first. Let’s answer the most important question of all, before we start off with explaining how this cutting-edge smartphone application works and how it can be very beneficial to both doctors and patients.

What is ARtery3D exactly? This all-in-one patented digital solution was developed by our team of experts to visualize every unique, arterial patient anatomy. By using the latest technology – augmented reality – we are now able to give doctors and health care practitioners a new method to perform filler injections, with even more accuracy. Every patient’s arterial anatomy is unique and therefore, no one – not even the best surgeons – can know with 100% certainty where each artery is located.

Well, thanks to ARtery3D, all that is history!

How our technology works

Now that you know exactly what ARtery3D is all about, you are probably wondering how this innovative medical technology works. Well, we are more than happy to explain every single detail to you. Read along and find out how ARtery3D works in just a few simple steps!

➀ First of all, we start off with a complete face scan. A new and unique patient profile will be created on our ARtery3D app. It’s very easy and all information implemented is of course 100% confidential.

➁ After that, an MRI prescription will be issued for a one time, risk-free but mandatory scan to help visualize your unique arterial anatomy. This MRI scan can be booked at any centre of choice. Good to know: this image-scanning procedure is completely free from radiation and it does not require any contrast fluids. As soon as all of that’s over, all images will be uploaded directly to the ARtery3D app… And they’re ready to be used!

➂ That’s basically it… Now all arterial anatomy is visible in our ARtery3D app! With just a few swipes, any cosmetic expert is now able to visualize the exact location of any patient’s facial arteries. And let’s face it: this is huge for the filler market! Why? Because this amazing technology allows you to apply soft tissue fillers with more accuracy – knowing exactly where all the individual arteries in the face are located.

Not to forget: the ARtery3D app is also incredibly easy-to-use, making this new way of performing filler injections of such a great and wonderful value!

What are the benefits?

We have already mentioned that doctors, as well as patients, can benefit from the use of ARtery3D, when it comes to filler treatments. So let’s zoom in on the details, shall we? That way we can decide for once and for all that this technology is definitely worth your while!

Performing treatments with more accuracy

One of the most noticeable benefits is definitely the accuracy fillers can be injected with, thanks to the AR technology used to visualize all arteries. Don’t get us wrong, performing filler injections was working perfectly fine before ARtery3D was developed, but now we can provide you with a new method to inject. Get ready to say goodbye to not knowing the exact location of the facial arteries. Even the danger zones can now be identified easily, thanks to our app.

Less complications

Even though doctors and health care practitioners are true experts and they perform filler injections with so much care, not knowing the exact location of the arteries, is always a very tricky thing. ARtery3D can be used as a practical guide to perform all filler injections, reducing the risk of complications.

Easy to use

This is definitely one of the biggest highlights for all doctors and cosmetic experts! All you need is a smartphone and our app: in only 3 simple steps (face scan through mobile, MRI and phone visualization) any health care practitioner is now able to work with ARtery3D. Pretty amazing, right?

Digital records

Our app requires a patient profile for any person that wants to have fillers injected with the use of ARtery3D. Very practical if you ask us, because that way you can not only keep things tidy and organized, but you can also create digital patient records to track and show both changes and evolutions. Welcome to the digital world!

Less pain and bruising

Our CEO Prof. Benoit Hendrickx is now working on a clinical study in Knokke, Belgium, to prove that patients who are injected with fillers, experience less pain and discomfort during the procedure, as well as less bruising after the treatment.

Build client loyalty

Of course, all of these wonderful benefits result into two very important things: the significantly improved quality of filler procedures and therefore a better patient experience. Well, that sounds great to us!

Higher quality filler treatments

After reading this article, all of these amazing benefits might have convinced you to hop on board of our technology train… Are you ready to improve your services and treat your patients like real VIPs when it comes to performing their filler injections? Let your patients know that you care about their client experience and show all of the other cosmetic experts what it’s like to be a pioneer – working with this amazing filler technology.

Are you somehow still in doubt – even after finding out all that ARtery3D has to offer? We get it, it’s not easy to change your way of working and trust in technology. But we are more than happy to elaborate on how ARtery3D can change your filler treatments in the best way possible. Just reach out to us!

Conclusion: why should you work with ARtery3D?

If you are one of those pioneers who loves to improve their treatments with the newest technology and only wants what’s best for their patients, there is no doubt possible. ARtery3D is absolutely perfect for you! There are so many benefits involved when it comes to this app and most importantly: this technology is unbelievably easy to use.

Let’s be honest here: what more could you possibly want?

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