ARtery 3D: expansion to Spain and team growth

ARtery 3D: expansion to Spain and team growth

Thanks to our groundbreaking app ARtery 3D, we were able to expand our operations to Spain with our company Augmented Anatomy. As you might already know, we offer a revolutionary technology which allows cosmetic experts to visuale a patient’s arterial network through augmented reality on a smartphone. With the opening of a new office space in Barcelona, we were able to welcome numerous new users and clinics in Spain who have eagerly adopted our technology in their way of working. Additionally, our team has expanded as well, with the addition of two experienced account managers, Gabriel Schneider and Sebastián García, both passionate about expanding our brand globally.

In this blog post, we will explore the exciting expansion of ARtery 3D in Spain and the growth of our team.

Expanding to Spain: unlocked potential

At ARtery 3D, we are excited to announce our recent expansion into Spain. We believe that Spain is an untapped market in the cosmetic industry, particularly in the area of filler injections. Our technology allows cosmetic experts to visualize a patient’s arterial network in real-time through AR on their smartphone, providing a safer and more accurate way to perform these procedures.

With the help of our team members Gabriel Schneider and Sebastián García, we are eager to introduce our app to the Spanish market and offer a new level of precision and safety to cosmetic procedures.

We see a lot of potential in Spain and are excited to be at the forefront of digital health technology in the cosmetic industry.

New office space in Barcelona

We are also thrilled to announce that we have recently settled down in our new office space located in the heart of Barcelona. This new location allows us to work on our goals of growth and expansion in Spain with ARtery 3D, and further establish ourselves as a key player in the cosmetic medical industry. We have already welcomed many new users and clinics in Spain who are eager to use our technology to visualize a patient’s arterial network through AR on their smartphone to perform filler injections in a more precise and safer way.

With this move, we are well-positioned to continue serving our clients in Spain and beyond, while also attracting new ones. Our dynamic and international team is very excited about this new chapter in our company’s journey and we are eager to see what the future holds.

Team expansion and why it was so necessary

Expanding our team was crucial to introduce ARtery 3D properly to all cosmetic professionals who are allowed to perform filler injections in Spain. We had a feeling that the Spanish aesthetic world was in need of our cutting-edge technology that allows practitioners to visualize the facial vasculature system in 3D. How could they not want to benefit from reduced risks associated with filler injections? By expanding our team, our company can now reach out to a wider audience of cosmetic professionals, educate them on the benefits of using ARtery 3D, and provide them with the necessary training to use the technology effectively. With a larger team, our company can also provide better customer support, which is essential for the success of any new technology.

Therefore, expanding our team was a key factor in the successful introduction of ARtery 3D in Spain’s cosmetic industry, and in fact a very smart move.

Introducing our new team member: Gabriel Schneider



That’s why we are thrilled to introduce one of our new team members: Gabriel Schneider.

He has joined our company Augmented Anatomy as our new Account Manager for Spain and North Europe. With 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and digital health medical world, Gabriel brings a wealth of expertise to our team. He has worked as a Key Account Manager, Sales Representative, and managed work teams for various laboratories. In recent years, he has been dedicated to the digital transformation of the health market. Gabriel holds a Master’s degree in Management and Business Economics, which has equipped him with the skills needed to manage accounts effectively.

He is passionate about expanding our brand globally and is currently working on an exciting new project. We are confident that Gabriel’s experience and enthusiasm will contribute significantly to the success of our team and the growth of our brand.

Introducing our new team member: Sebastián García



Another new addition to our team that we are delighted to welcome is Sebastián García.

He will also be active in our company as an Account Manager, but for Spain and Southern Europe. With over 15 years of experience in sales, Sebastián has worked in various markets, from fitness equipment to energy companies. He started his professional career in banking and holds an MBA in Health Management. Sebastián strongly believes that the way you sell is more important than what you sell. He takes pride in never failing to meet targets, whether as a salesman or as a sales team manager.

Sebastián is also a coach and trainer in sales techniques. He is excited to join our team and focus on the Spanish and Southern Europe market. We truly believe that Sebastián’s extensive sales experience and coaching skills will be a very valuable asset to our team and will contribute to the growth of our business.

Conclusion: looking forward to our blooming future in Spain

The expansion of ARtery 3D to Spain and the addition of our two new team members have been significant steps forward for our company. With the addition of Gabriel Schneider and Sebastián García, we have gained experienced account managers who share our passion for expanding our brand globally. Their skills and expertise will enable us to educate and support more cosmetic professionals in Spain and beyond and further establish ourselves as key players in the digital health technology industry.

We are excited to see where this expansion takes us and look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions to the cosmetic industry.

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