ARtery 3D’s breakthrough in advanced aesthetic medicine: recognized by La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia

ARtery 3D, our groundbreaking digital application to visualize the arterial network of every patient through AR, is making waves in the world of advanced aesthetic medicine. We are proud to announce that our innovative technology has been featured in one of Spain’s leading newspapers, La Vanguardia. This recognition is a significant milestone as we expand our presence internationally. With our revolutionary technology gaining recognition across Europe, ARtery 3D is poised to revolutionize the way fillers are administered and redefine the standard of care in the field. In this article, we delve into the key features and benefits of ARtery 3D and how it is transforming facial reconstruction and aesthetic interventions.

As the article about ARtery 3D in La Vanguardia is in Spanish, we would like to take this opportunity in our blog to provide a comprehensive overview of its content in English.

The power of technology in medicine

ARtery 3D's breakthrough in advanced aesthetic medicine: recognized by La Vanguardia

Reconstructive maxillofacial medicine and advanced aesthetic medicine are evolving rapidly. However, the progress is not fueled by magic or unreal phenomena. Instead, technology plays a crucial role.

Adaptable, unstoppable, and constantly evolving, technology equips medical practitioners with the necessary resources to enhance precision, capacity, and quality in their practice.

ARtery 3D is an agile and user-friendly digital application designed to provide a detailed visualization of facial arterial anatomy for each patient. Our revolutionary app improves the safety and efficiency of interventions by accurately detecting and visualizing facial arteries. It serves as an autonomous tool that accumulates vital information about a patient’s facial arterial anatomy, enabling medical practitioners to ensure optimal safety and efficiency during procedures.

Furthermore, ARtery 3D generates a unique augmented reality image archive for each patient, enhancing personalized treatment plans.

Testimonials of esteemed medical professionals

The article also included testimonials of prominent plastic surgeons, including Dr. Sebastián Mir, Dr. Tai-Sik Yoon, and Dr. Jordi Descarrega, who recognize the immense value of ARtery 3D in their practice. Dr. Mir highlights how ARtery 3D eliminates the need for unnecessary tests, reducing patient inconvenience while improving treatment outcomes. Dr. Yoon emphasizes the importance of patients’ aspirations for minimally invasive procedures and how ARtery 3D aids in precise localization of facial arteries before infiltrations. Dr. Descarrega acknowledges the high correlation between reality and ARtery 3D’s visualization, providing peace of mind and reducing the margin of error in treatments.

How ARtery 3D works

ARtery 3D simplifies the lives of surgeons and improves patient treatment through a streamlined process. It begins with video scanning during the initial visit, where a facial profile is created using our ARtery 3D application. This initial framework is enhanced through contrast-free and risk-free facial magnetic resonance imaging, resulting in a real arterial map generated through augmented reality. This detailed map becomes a valuable resource for various treatments, including aesthetics, oncology, reconstruction, and repair.

The scanning process, free from radiation and contrast fluids, concludes with the uploading of all generated images to our ARtery 3D application platform, allowing surgeons to visualize the precise course of facial arteries using a mobile device.

Advancing with evolving technologies

ARtery 3D's breakthrough in advanced aesthetic medicine: recognized by La Vanguardia

ARtery 3D continually evolves to incorporate the latest technologies, with a specific focus on augmented reality. The application can be easily downloaded and ensures the visualization of facial arteries on mobile devices for any individual.

ARtery 3D combines innovation, convenience, and safety. It not only executes aesthetic plans with precision but also minimizes the possibility of medical errors. Patient safety is paramount, and ARtery 3D strives to enhance the level of safety in every procedure.

Dr. Tai-Sik Yoon rightly points out that recent years have witnessed remarkable technological advancements in medicine, particularly in the field of aesthetics. Each new technique brings unique benefits, and ARtery 3D stands at the forefront of this revolution.

With a commitment to safety and cutting-edge tools, ARtery 3D empowers the medical community to achieve excellence in patient care.

Featured in La Vanguardia

We are very grateful for the recognition we received through the feature of ARtery 3D in La Vanguardia. Being featured in such a prestigious publication strengthens our resolve to expand internationally. The inclusion of our revolutionary technology in the article is a testament to its potential to transform the field of advanced aesthetic medicine. We firmly believe in the power of our technology and its ability to revolutionize the way fillers are administered. It is truly gratifying to witness the media’s recognition of our innovation and the positive impact it can have on patients everywhere.

With our sights set on Europe, we are eager to bring the transformative benefits of ARtery 3D to a wider audience. By expanding our presence and establishing strategic partnerships, we aim to unlock new opportunities and revolutionize the way fillers are administered across the continent. Our ambition knows no bounds as we strive to provide safer, more precise, and more efficient treatments to patients worldwide.

ARtery 3D's breakthrough in advanced aesthetic medicine: recognized by La Vanguardia


The recognition of ARtery 3D in La Vanguardia signifies a significant step forward as we expand internationally. Our revolutionary technology is transforming the way facial arterial visualization is approached in advanced aesthetic medicine. With its user-friendly interface, precise arterial mapping, and augmented reality capabilities, ARtery 3D is redefining the standard of care. As we continue to evolve with the latest technologies, our commitment to safety and innovation remains unwavering.

Join us on this journey as we revolutionize the field of fillers and elevate patient care to new heights with ARtery 3D.

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