Enhancing filler techniques and empowering future surgeons: ARtery 3D’s Masterclass

Enhancing filler techniques and empowering future surgeons: ARtery 3D’s Masterclass

At ARtery 3D, we are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent visit to the prestigious Institut de Formació Continua IL3, affiliated with the renowned University of Barcelona. We had the incredible opportunity to conduct a special masterclass for the students enrolled in the esteemed Máster en Medicina y Ginecología Cosmética y Estética y del Envejecimiento Fisiológico program. Our aim was to provide valuable insights, to teach these students how to improve their techniques, and of course we also included a small part to showcase the benefits of our cutting-edge technology in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Sharing our expertise

The masterclass kicked off with an engaging introduction by our esteemed CEO, Jörgen, who passionately provided a comprehensive overview of our company and the game-changing potential of our innovative app. The attendees, a diverse group of aspiring plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors, created a vibrant learning environment fueled by their shared dedication to advancing their skills and knowledge.

Building on this momentum, our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Karl, took the stage and captivated the audience with his profound expertise in filler techniques. Through clear scientific explanations and practical insights, Karl guided the participants on a transformative journey beyond the surface level of medical procedures. The main goal was to foster a collaborative atmosphere that encouraged surgeons to share knowledge, enabling them to refine their techniques and deliver elevated levels of care to their patients.

At ARtery 3D, we firmly believe that knowledge and expertise are the cornerstones of progress in the medical field. By nurturing an environment of collaboration and continuous learning, we aim to inspire surgeons to explore new frontiers, challenge conventional practices, and push the boundaries of excellence within their respective domains. Through this masterclass, we not only provided invaluable insights into filler techniques but also fostered a sense of shared responsibility among the participants, reinforcing the importance of collective growth and improvement.

ARtery 3D demo and explanation

As an integral part of the masterclass, we performed a live demonstration of ARtery 3D, offering a glimpse into its immense potential in the field of plastic surgery. Led by our accomplished Account Manager, Sebastian, and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Jonas, the attendees were guided through an interesting showcase of the app’s benefits and functionalities. The real-time demos on our smartphones showcased the visualization of the facial arterial networks and the anatomy of students who had recently undergone MRI scans. We were also able to show the facial arterial network of Jonas and Sebastian through our ARtery 3D app, as they have undergone MRI scans in the past as well.

With these live demo’s we were able to show these students that with the ARtery 3D app, cosmetic healthcare practitioners gain access to a precise and interactive 3D view of the patient’s arterial anatomy through augmented reality. Armed with this detailed knowledge, practitioners can make informed decisions during cosmetic procedures, ensuring the optimal placement of soft tissue fillers and enhancing patient outcomes, while minimizing risks.

Benefits of implementing ARtery 3D

During the masterclass, we emphasized the significant advantages of incorporating ARtery 3D into clinical practices. By leveraging our app, surgeons can unlock the following benefits:

  1. Visualize: The app enables accurate visualization of patient anatomy, facilitating the identification of critical areas and improving procedural precision.
  2. Reduce pain and bruising: Our technology minimizes discomfort during procedures, resulting in less post-treatment bruising and improved patient satisfaction.
  3. Reduce complications: By visualizing arterial anatomy, surgeons gain a useful guide to perform filler injections with increased safety and reduced risks.
  4. Easy to use: ARtery 3D offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire process in three simple steps: face scan, mobile MRI, and phone visualization.
  5. Digital record: Create a comprehensive digital patient record to monitor and showcase changes and evolutions over time, enhancing documentation and treatment planning.
  6. Build loyalty: By optimizing clinic growth and customer retention, ARtery 3D enhances the overall patient experience, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Global expansion and future outlook

Our masterclass served as a stepping stone towards expanding our global reach. While the event took place in Barcelona, we were delighted to welcome students from diverse backgrounds, including Honduras and Colombia. These connections open up new doors for ARtery 3D as we pursue our ambitious goal of global expansion. Our vision goes beyond borders, as we firmly believe that any aesthetic doctor, regardless of their geographical location, can benefit immensely from implementing ARtery 3D when performing filler injections.

While our current focus is primarily on Europe and Spain, we are actively exploring opportunities to collaborate with surgeons and clinics worldwide.

Our objective: 215 new ARtery 3D users

The implementation of ARtery 3D brings a new level of accuracy, precision, and safety to filler injections, revolutionizing the way procedures are performed. By visualizing patient anatomy with remarkable accuracy, our technology allows aesthetic doctors to identify danger zones and make informed decisions, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring optimal results.

By onboarding 215 new surgeons to the ARtery 3D platform by the end of this year, we aim to create a network of passionate professionals who share our commitment to excellence in patient care.


The masterclass at Institut de Formació Continua IL3 was an enriching experience for both our team and the aspiring plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors in attendance. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our expertise and showcase the benefits of ARtery 3D. As we continue to innovate and expand our reach, we remain committed to transforming the future of plastic surgery through technology and collaboration.

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