ARtery 3D: a revolution in aesthetic safety and precision, according to Multiesthétique

It’s not every day that a groundbreaking technology gets the spotlight in one of the most prestigious aesthetic magazines. We at ARtery3D are thrilled to share that our innovative solution was featured in the Multiesthétique magazine on August 30th, 2023. The article, penned by the esteemed Dr. Catherine de Goursac, underscores the paramount importance of safety in aesthetic procedures, especially dermal filler injections. Read the article in French right here, or read along to find out what the article is all about.

Article in Multiesthétique

Article in Multiesthétique

Safe aesthetic procedures: a non-negotiable

The world of aesthetics is ever-evolving, with new techniques and products constantly emerging. However, one constant remains: the unwavering emphasis on safety. As Dr. de Goursac rightly points out, every patient is unique. Their anatomy, arterial patterns, and facial arteries’ locations differ, making each injection a tailored procedure. The environment must be sterile, the products of the highest quality, and the professionals administering them, well-trained and experienced.

The challenge: navigating the complexities of facial anatomy

Despite all precautions taken during aesthetic procedures, unforeseen complications can still arise. One of the most concerning issues is the inadvertent injection of products directly into an artery. When this happens, the consequences can be very severe. Patients may experience skin necrosis, a condition where skin cells begin to die, leading to significant tissue damage. In even more extreme and rare instances, such an error can result into blindness. These potential risks underscore the critical importance of having an in-depth and precise understanding of each patient’s unique arterial anatomy.

It’s not just about skill but also about the intimate knowledge of the intricate vascular structures beneath the skin, ensuring that every injection is both safe and effective.

ARtery 3D: the game-changer

Enter ARtery 3D, a groundbreaking advancement in the world of aesthetic safety. In the face of the challenges posed by the intricate facial anatomy, our state-of-the-art technology emerges as the perfect innovative solution. It offers a detailed map of facial vessels, visualized through AR technology. This invaluable map is derived from a non-invasive facial MRI, which, once captured, is swiftly sent to our dedicated team of experts for processing.

Within moments, this detailed map is relayed directly to the practitioner’s smartphone, ready for use. With ARtery 3D at their fingertips, practitioners are equipped to visualize not just the location but also the depth of a patient’s facial arteries. This level of detail ensures that injections are not just precise but are administered with a degree of accuracy previously thought unattainable.

The process, while intricate in its design, is straightforward in its execution:

  1. A facial MRI is performed based on a doctor’s prescription.
  2. The MRI, which takes just 10 minutes and requires no contrast agents or radiation, maps the facial anatomy.
  3. Our team processes these images to generate a precise arterial diagram.
  4. During the next consultation, the doctor uses the ARtery 3D application on their smartphone to visualize the patient’s arterial anatomy in real-time, marking safe injection points.

The result of this process is a significant decrease in the risks that come with inadvertent arterial injections. The potential adverse effects, such as bruising, bleeding, and the associated pain, are significantly minimized.

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetics, ARtery 3D stands out, not just as an innovation but as a genuine revolution in patient safety and care.

Expanding horizons: ARtery 3D is expanding in Europe

Woman visualizing of arteries with ARtery 3D

Being featured in Multiesthétique is a significant achievement for us at ARtery 3D. This recognition highlights our dedication and hard work in the aesthetics industry. France, known for its contributions to aesthetics and home to many top aesthetic doctors, is an essential market for us. The endorsement from Dr. de Goursac not only confirms the effectiveness of our technology but also supports our plans to expand across Europe.

As we grow and expand our reach, our main goal remains the same: to enhance the patient experience and reduce the risks associated with filler injections. Our technology is designed to prioritize safety, ensuring that every procedure is conducted with precision and care.

Everything you need to know about ARtery 3D

For those unfamiliar, ARtery 3D is more than just a tool; it’s a revolution in aesthetic safety. Our patented digital solution is easy to use, emphasizing patient safety above all. With ARtery 3D, practitioners can ensure reduced risks and enhanced patient comfort. Our technology allows for individual visualization of arterial anatomy, ensuring precision with safety at the forefront.

Moreover, our commitment to improving the aesthetic experience doesn’t stop at the technology. We’re continuously seeking partnerships with innovative companies, aiming to be at the forefront of the future of fillers in aesthetics. Our goal is to make ARtery 3D accessible to professionals worldwide, ensuring that every filler injection is as safe and precise as possible. By making our technology widely available, we want to provide both professionals and patients with a reliable solution for aesthetic procedures.

Conclusion: ARtery 3D in France

Being spotlighted in Multiesthétique, a leading publication in the aesthetics domain, speaks volumes about the impact ARtery 3D is having on the industry. This recognition not only validates our efforts but also propels us forward in the right direction. As from now, we already have 3 MRI centers running in France and a few licensed French users. We envision a future where the standards for filler injections are raised, where every procedure is characterized by unparalleled precision. This not only ensures the safety of the patients but also significantly enhances their overall comfort and experience.

Beyond just our product, our commitment lies in continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in aesthetic safety. We’re dedicated to ensuring that professionals are equipped with the best tools to deliver exceptional results when it comes to filler injections.

For a deeper dive into ARtery 3D’s capabilities and to understand how we’re setting new benchmarks in the world of aesthetics, we invite you to visit our website and learn more about what our app has to offer.

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