How we can change the world of fillers together

How we can change the world of fillers together

We strongly believe in ARtery 3D and the technology behind it. That’s a given, otherwise we wouldn’t be working so hard to improve our app and to make sure that its position in the market becomes stronger and stronger every day. We know exactly where we want to go with ARtery 3D, but the road to our end destination can be a bit bumpy at times. Nevertheless, we will keep on working hard until we achieve our goals. But we can’t do it alone, we need strong people on board to help us spread the word. To help us introduce ARtery 3D to more experts in the cosmetic world. To help us build our brand. But most importantly: to help us grow.

We know that our product is absolutely revolutionary and there is no doubt in our minds that our technology can change the world of fillers forever. But the cosmetic world needs to be entirely ready to understand the value of the implementation of our technology when performing filler injections. And we need people to help us by prepping all these cosmetic experts for what’s coming. The future… with ARtery 3D!

This is where we’re going

We’ve had a vision from the very start: we believe that fillers and technology should go hand in hand. Especially since they are gaining more and more popularity every day. Everything else in the medical world is evolving so quickly and new technology is popping up in every segment of the medical world these days. So why not implement it in the way we perform filler procedures, especially while they are trending?

We’ve also had a mission from the start: our goal was and still is to introduce the cosmetic world to a new way of performing filler injections in a better, more accurate and therefore safer way. That’s why we created ARtery 3D, to improve the overall quality of filler treatments by visualizing the arteries through AR technology. 

Just like any other start-up, we have faced a few challenges so far. One of the biggest ones being that every cosmetic expert we introduce our app to, is over the moon with it but lots of them don’t bite just yet. The reason? Because they’re set in their ways and they’re afraid to change what they know. We get it, it’s not easy to switch things up when you’re so hooked on your own working methods. But that doesn’t take away the fact that there are also a lot of cosmetic experts out there who are dying to try new things, who want to be pioneers in the game and who want to become better than their peers. Standing still might feel comfortable for a while, but you need to move along in order to become more successful. No one wants to be stuck and set in their old ways while all the other cosmetic experts out there are taking things to the next level with their filler procedures. Especially when the world around you is evolving so fast.

Technology is catching up on us, it’s only a matter of time. The only question is: do you want to be five steps ahead and benefit from it, or do you want to keep holding back and watch while all the other cosmetic experts hit the jackpot with their new working method?

If you can read these words, and if you 100% agree with the cosmetic world needing to evolve and needing to catch a ride on the fast train of technology… Well, then you just might be the kind of person we’re looking for.

This is how ARtery 3D works

In order to become one of the heroes that can help us grow, we need you to believe in ARtery 3D as much as we do. We also know exactly how to do that: by simply explaining how it works. That’s all it takes for technology enthusiasts to get on board and realize how much of a gamechanger our product really is.

Every patient’s arterial anatomy is unique and that’s why cosmetic doctors can never be 100% sure of the exact location of the arteries. So they can never inject fillers with complete accuracy. When arteries are hit, this can cause a lot of pain during the treatment and bruising after the procedure. In a worst-case-scenario this can even result into severe complications. With ARtery 3D we can avoid all that. Our app allows cosmetic experts to visualize the patient’s unique arterial anatomy through AR technology on their smartphone.

All they have to do in advance is:

➤ Do a video scan: they have to create a personal patient account in our app and the cosmetic expert has to record a 20-second video where the patient’s head turns from left to right.

➤ MRI: in the app the cosmetic doctor will be able to get a prescription for an MRI center where the patient can undergo a one-time risk-free MRI scan to map their facial anatomy.

➤ Visualize the arteries: after that, the images will be uploaded into our app and the cosmetic expert will be able to visualize the unique arterial anatomy of the patient with their smartphone.

This allows the injector to perform filler treatments in a better, more accurate and safer way. The result for the patient is that they experience less pain and bruising (thanks to the accuracy of the filler injections), which leads to an overall better feeling and a better experience. And that’s what makes customers loyal to a practice!

The future is closing in

Are you ready for the future? Because we need people to join our reseller network and to grow with us. As a distributor you can reach new customers, expand your brand and improve your stock performance by promoting our innovative and cutting-edge technology. The only way is up!

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