Meet us at ISAPS World Congress 2022

Meet us at ISAPS World Congress 2022

Good news, our product ARtery 3D will be represented at the ISAPS World Congress 2022 in Istanbul. 

No one other than our founder and proud ISAPS member – Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx – will be travelling to Istanbul from the 22th until the 24th of September to introduce ARtery 3D to all of the ISAPS members who are joining the World Congress and the ISAPS’ General Assembly this year, as well as to all of his international colleagues and other experts who are interested in medical technology. He was invited as a speaker to give two presentations and to chair a session on the 24th of September. Would you like to find out more about these sessions? Then you should definitely read along!

We are very excited that ARtery 3D will be introduced and demonstrated to such a broad audience of cosmetic experts. People in the medical field are always looking to improve, to pioneer, to become better than they were yesterday. We strongly believe that ARtery 3D can change the world of fillers in a very innovative way. 

We’re ready for the future… and we want YOU to tag along with us!

What is ISAPS?

ISAPS or the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the world’s leading professional body for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons. It was founded in 1970 and ISAPS membership includes the world’s best known and respected reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeons from over 100 countries. ISAPS requires that all members maintain active membership in the national society of plastic surgery in the country where they practice and they must be sponsored by two active or life ISAPS members. They also must adhere to a rigorous review process, which includes a seven-year practice history beyond graduation from medical school. 

They also provide the most up-to-date training in a continuing education program for its members. Each year, they sponsor and endorse many scientific meetings through the world where the latest information, research, and procedural and technical advances are discussed and demonstrated. This vital service helps ISAPS ensure that the members are knowledgeable in rapidly changing and improving surgical techniques, equipment, medical supplies… And that’s where ARtery 3D definitely fits in!

ISAPS World Congress 2022

The ISAPS’ General Assembly this year will be held at the World Congress. All ISAPS members attending the World Congress are welcome to join.

This year the congress is located in Istanbul, Turkey, in the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) from 20 – 24 September. This 26th edition of the congress will feature a top-class program with the best speakers in the world who will be discussing the latest topics. Including our very own founder Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx!

This is – without a doubt – the perfect time and place to put ARtery 3D in the spotlight and share this innovation with the medical world!

The introduction of ARtery 3D

Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx will be giving two presentations at the ISAPS World Congress:

  • Augmented Reality Imaging of the Individual Arterial Anatomy of The Face: Reducing Bruising, Pain and Risk on Skin Necrosis with Filler Injections
  • A Fully Non-Invasive Method to Map the Total Individual Arterial Anatomy of the Face

He will also be chairing the session on Injection Anatomy and Filler Complications. And of course, in all three of these informative sessions ARtery 3D will be playing the leading role. We find it absolutely wonderful that Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx will be able to shed a light on the innovation that is our product and all the benefits that go hand in hand with using ARtery 3D.

Are you ready to change the world of fillers, side by side with all of the pioneers who are part of our ARtery 3D community? Read along to find out more!

What ARtery 3D is all about

With ARtery 3D we offer the opportunity to visualize every single artery in AR on your smartphone – while performing filler injections. The arterial network of every individual is unique, so injectors can never really know with 100% certainty where to inject the substance. With ARtery 3D, all that’s in the past. Say hello to knowing exactly where to inject fillers and performing treatments in a more accurate and therefore safer way. And your patients? Well, they will be over the moon with the great quality of the procedure and the fact that they have less pain during the treatment and less bruising after. 

This cutting-edge technology is definitely the way to go if you want to improve filler experiences for your patients and if you want to optimize your clinic growth. There’s so much to say, to discover and to find out about ARtery 3D. So what better way than to do it at this year’s World Congress in Istanbul?


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