Our corporate video: the making of

Our corporate video: the making of

We know for a fact that we have developed a great product where we fully believe in. There’s no doubt in our minds that the future of filler injections doesn’t involve the implementation of technologies just like ours. But we need the entire medical world to believe in ARtery 3D along with us. And right now this is still a challenge that we’re up against. We have to get it out there, spread the word. It’s not easy for a young start-up to create awareness and to get recognition, but we like to believe that we’ve done a good job so far. And now we’re taking it to the next level with our corporate video! 

We want cosmetic experts, radiologists and the patients who are getting filler injections to know about us. We want them to know about what we do and how our app works, what the benefits of ARtery 3D are and what the value proposition is. And what better way to make this happen than with a representative professional video? This is one of the many steps that we’re planning on taking to make sure that the word gets out there. We’re letting everyone know that there’s a new app in the market that can change the world of fillers forever. 

We’re proud to announce that our corporate video is finished and ready to be seen with by everyone who wants to know more about ARtery 3D!


As soon as we had decided that we wanted to make this video, we knew that there were a lot of things that we would have to arrange, organize and consider before we could get started. The first step was to sit down and talk about what we wanted to achieve with this video. We had to think things thoroughly through. What kind of message did we want to send with our video? Which audience would we be targeting? How did we want our product to be represented in the market? We asked ourselves – and each other – a lot of questions and eventually we came to loud, clear and steady answers.

Another big challenge that we had to face in order for this video to work, was to get our entire team together. Our experts come from all over the world. And it was definitely not convenient getting everyone together at the same time and at the same place to shoot the footage we needed for our video. Especially, since we are all people with very busy schedules.

But we worked hard and thankfully we managed to all get together around the end of June. We travelled to the vibrant city of Bruges in Belgium, where the people of Social Hippo who would be making this video, were located. Our entire team was there and we even contacted a few patients who were happy to give a positive testimonial for our video! It took us some time and effort, but eventually everything fell into place and we were at the scene, 100% ready to show on camera how amazing ARtery 3D really is!

Take one

The filming of our corporate video

It took us two days of filming to get everything we needed for our video. And to be honest, there were definitely some dealbreakers in play. For example: it was extremely hot during the filming days. Not the ideal weather circumstances to be filming a video in!

But of course, we knew that we were doing it for a good cause. Because we really wanted this corporate video… and more so: we wanted it to be completely perfect! So there was nothing left to do but to shake it all off and to be our best selves in front of the camera.

Another thing that we maybe underestimated a little bit was how difficult it is to come across naturally on film. Some of us had some struggles because they didn’t really know how to talk and to act or even where to look at times. But we’re a great team, if not an amazing team. So we put our heads together – just like we always do – and we helped each other, supported each other and shared tips and tricks with one another. 

And eventually, it started to feel like we had been doing it for years. Now that’s what we call team work!

Take two

On day 1 we shot footage in a professional setting – as you can see in our video. And on day 2 we actually went on location. Some parts were filmed at the AZ Zeno in Knokke (general hospital) and we even shot a testimonial at a patient’s house as well. The third location that we went to that day was definitely the most important one: the practice of our founder Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx – where ARtery 3D is used on a daily basis to perform filler injections in a better, more accurate and safer way.

The perfect settings and all these people who are so convinced of the power of ARtery 3D make a great combination and a solid base for our corporate video. We definitely feel like it represents us completely. This is us, a young start-up with international looks and a passion for medical technology and innovation. This is ARtery 3D!

The filming of our corporate video


Making our corporate video definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but we all knew in the end that we were doing it for a good cause. We had a wonderful time filming and in fact, it even brought us closer together as a team. Not only do we now have a professional corporate video that we’re very proud of, we’re stronger as a team and the bloopers will stay with us forever. We hope you enjoy our corporate video just as much as we do. Minus the bloopers, of course.

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