Discover the benefits of ARtery3D

ARtery3D is the newest smartphone app to visualize any patient’s unique arterial anatomy with AR. So, of course, this is a huge thing for the world of filler injections. Not just for the cosmetic experts who perform these kinds of procedures on a daily basis – but also for their patients. Read along and find out how the use of ARtery3D can be beneficial to doctors – as well as to each and every one of their clients.

What is it and how does it work?

Let’s start off with a little extra information concerning the working method of ARtery3D. This is crucial, in order for you to understand the exact goal of our app, just a little bit better. The main idea is simple, yet genius: by using the latest AR technology, we are able to offer all cosmetic experts an innovative and cutting-edge technology to see right through anyone’s skin.

It’s a known fact that doctors can never know the exact location of every facial artery. This is completely normal, since every patient’s arterial anatomy is 100% unique.

That’s why we came up with the concept of ARtery3D: a smartphone application to visualize the exact location of every patient’s facial arterial anatomy – through AR. The only thing you need is a one-time risk-free MRI scan, a smartphone… and the ARtery3D app, of course!

Enjoy the benefits as a patient

Getting fillers is becoming easier and more normal every day. But this doesn’t mean that getting a filler treatment is a nice experience for everyone. This can actually be a very stressful, uncomfortable, and even painful experience. Patients have lots of questions, such as:

“How do I know that my treatment will be of high quality?”

“What about complications?”
“Will this procedure be painful, and will I have bruises?”

Of course, we can’t provide you with all the answers to these questions. But we can, however, give you a sort of guarantee that your treatment will be performed in the best way possible – when our technology is being used.

These are the benefits you can count on – as a patient – when your cosmetic doctor uses ARtery3D to perform your filler injections:

1. Reduced risk of complications
Any patient’s arterial anatomy becomes visible because of the ARtery3D app. This means that health care practitioners can actually see each and every facial artery – and they can use ARtery3D as a guide to perform filler injections. Conclusion: cosmetic experts can perform filler treatments with more accuracy – which means the risk of running into complications during the procedure, is reduced.

2. Less pain and bruising
We are actually still in the middle of a clinical study – lead by our CEO and Professor Benoit Hendrickx to prove this. (Knokke, 2021)

However, there are many patients who have already testified to this being true… and it actually makes sense too. Since cosmetic experts can visualize the facial arteries thanks to ARtery3D, they have a much better idea of where to inject the fillers. This naturally results into less pain and discomfort during the procedure and less bruising after the treatment.

3. High-quality treatments
This is something lots of patients consider when looking for the perfect cosmetic doctor to perform their filler injections. They ask themselves a very simple question: is the doctor any good AND more importantly, will the procedure be any good?

Finding out that ARtery3D is being used in the clinic you’re considering going to as a patient, could definitely convince you. Of course, clinics where filler injections are performed without technology, can be excellent as well. But having the newest technology as a guide to help doctors improve their services, is a very reassuring thing to any patient.

Having a cosmetic expert who is willing to invest in new filler technology – only to make sure that he or she can work more accurately and give you the best treatment possible – makes you feel very worthy and important as a client… And let’s be honest: isn’t that what we all want?

Enjoy the benefits as a cosmetic expert

We don’t have to tell you that patient satisfaction is of great importance for any doctor. So, any benefit your client experiences, is automatically also a huge benefit for cosmetic doctors as well. Nevertheless, there are still a few big advantages of using ARtery3D in your practice or clinic.

1. Working with more accuracy
You can’t even begin to image how it must be like to visualize any patient’s arterial anatomy. But we can promise you: it’s real, and it WORKS!
With the use of the ARtery3D app all facial arteries can be visualized on your smartphone and danger zones can be identified more easily.

This makes it possible for any cosmetic expert to perform filler injections with more accuracy – knowing the exact location of every single artery.

2. The app is easy-to-use
Not only is this smartphone application a real game-changer for the world of filler injections, it’s also very easy to use! This makes our technology accessible to any health care practitioner in the world, as long as he or she has an iPhone to work with. ARtery3D is an all-in-one system which works in 3 simple steps: face scan through mobile, one-time risk-free MRI, and phone visualization. That’s about it!

3. Keep track with digital records
Since creating a unique digital patient record is necessary in order to use ARtery3D, it is actually really easy to keep track of every patient’s unique evolution, as well as any changes that may occur.

4. Build loyalty and improve your relationship with your patients
Implementing technology into your working method when it comes to performing filler injections, shows your patients that you care.
This is something you don’t have to do, because filler treatments can be performed perfectly without technology as well.

But it does show your (potential) clients that you are not afraid to invest in the quality of your treatments. Even more so: it shows them that you want to stay up-to-date, that you want to be one step ahead at all times and that you own a modern clinic where the newest technology is being used.

This is exactly how you optimize your clinic growth and how you can obtain healthy, long-term relationships with your patients.

Conclusion: improve with ARtery3D

The most important benefit to remember when it comes to ARtery3D, is improvement. Better results, better treatments, better client experiences. Our technology makes filler treatments stand out from all the rest when it comes to quality and accuracy.

Which cosmetic expert doesn’t want to stand out from their competition?  And which patient doesn’t want a doctor who is known to be better than the rest to perform their filler injections? Exactly.

Find out everything there is to know about ARtery3D or request a demo to discover all the ins and outs of this amazing new technology!

Find out everything there is to know about ARtery3D or request a demo to discover all the ins and outs of this amazing new technology!


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