How long do dermal fillers really last?

Luscious plump lips or glowing, tight and youthful-looking skin… It sounds very appealing to a lot of women and… filler treatments are even trending in the men’s world as well. These days, all you have to do to look picture perfect on a daily basis, is ask a cosmetic expert to work their magic on you with a dermal filler treatment. It almost sounds too good to be true…

These procedures have become so affordable and commonplace, that no one is even thinking about the details of these treatments anymore.

Well, that’s where we happily step in: not just to inform and educate people, but also to create more awareness. Because there are definitely certain things to consider when deciding to have a filler treatment: the duration of the effects being one of them.

What are fillers exactly?

Basically, it’s an injection of gel, made from hyaluronic acid. Is it ringing a bell? Well, you might have heard about this wonderful liquid when listening to commercials about your favorite moisturizer or day cream. This acid is also found naturally in our skin and it has an amazing way of holding on to its weight of moisture.

These days, hyaluronic acid and everything anti-aging come hand in hand… and we have to be honest: the results don’t lie. That’s why it’s needless to say that it’s a million times better than any form of botox!

The popularity of filler treatments

Woman having botox treatment at Beauty clinic. Top view

It feels like everyone has already done some sort of filler procedure. We really don’t think twice about it anymore… The taboo has completely vanished, and if we’re being honest: we all can’t wait to show off our new lips or younger looking faces – as soon as we’ve had a filler treatment done!

Why is that exactly? Well, there are two main reasons. Number one: everyone does it. We all know someone who’s done it, our role models do it, our favorite actresses and stars do it. And… don’t they look great?!

Reason number two actually makes a lot of sense. Filler procedures have evolved so much over the past few years… and research has helped cosmetic doctors and health care practitioners a lot when it comes to performing filler injections. The treatments have become a lot easier to perform and they aren’t nearly as painful as they used to be for patients. Another great thing to add to the list, is that the quality of filler procedures has also become significantly better…

People aren’t as scared or worried anymore, because all of these cosmetic experts know exactly what they’re doing… Thanks to research, profound education, new products and of course: technology!

How long do fillers exactly last?

So, here’s the big questions you’ve all been waiting for: how long do fillers really last? The important thing to know, is that dermal fillers are skincare procedures. This means that the results will vary depending on the genetics and even the lifestyle of the patient. Even the brand of the filler plays an important part in how long the effects will actually last.

Usually, fillers can last somewhere in between six months and two years. But nowadays, health care practitioners have become true experts in doing touch-ups and maintenance in between two procedures – making the results last even longer.

If you’re looking for a perfect answer, we’re afraid we’re going to have to disappoint you, because there is no ideal answer that applies to every person in the world. The duration of the results is very personal and varies widely from one patient to another. However, what we do know for sure, is that ultimately degradation is inevitable. Another round of treatment is an absolute must to make the results last as long as possible and keep them as good looking as in the very beginning.

Is it worth it to repeat the procedure?

Doctor in a face mask and sterile gloves administering a beauty shot to her patient

Of course, the filler treatment itself isn’t something patients look forward to. While the results may get everyone really excited and almost ecstatic, the procedure itself can be very painful and uncomfortable for a lot of patients.

However, these days, there are ways to cope with that just a little bit better. Our app – ARtery3D – allows cosmetic experts to visualize the unique facial arteries of every patient through AR technology. This means that cosmetic doctors can perform filler injections with more accuracy, more quality AND because of that: patients experience less pain during the treatment and less bruising after the procedure (*).

Once you get filler injections, the chance is extremely realistic that you’ll might have to – or want to – do it again someday. Thanks to new technology like ARtery3D, patients get a much better client experience when doing so.

* Clinical study in progress by Prof. Benoit Hendrickx in Knokke (2021)

Conclusion: fillers aren’t forever

We’re not going to lie: filler injections are definitely NOT forever… Which is pretty logical, if you think about it. Touch-ups and maintenance can prolong the effects for a while, but eventually you’re going to have to have another procedure done, in order to get the results you truly want. Of course, filler treatments aren’t the worse thing in the world – but it’s not a great experience to look forward to either.

Thankfully, there are people out there – companies like us – who are working on new ways and amazing cutting-edge technology to improve – not just the quality – but also the way of how patients experience these treatments. This makes knowing that the procedures will have to be repeated at some point (in order to guarantee great results) a lot more bearable.

Visualize patient anatomy with AR


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