Webinar: the future of fillers in aesthetics

What will the cosmetic world look like in, let’s say five – or even ten – years? That’s a great question with a slightly predictable answer! The ultimate way to find out the opinion of the best cosmetic experts, is by having them gather around the round table to discuss this topic. And that’s exactly what we’re doing on March 23rd from 18:00-20:00 CET.

Subscribe for this very interesting webinar – sponsored by ARtery3D – and find out how other cosmetic professionals think the world of fillers will evolve and develop further in the next decade.

What is this webinar about?

Woman fights facial wrinkles. Doctor cosmetologist gives a chin injection for patient

Experts predict that by 2028, the market size of dermal fillers will have grown to $6,28 billion. This is a huge number, of course, but not really a surprising one, since we all know how trending fillers are, these days.

According to ISAPS – Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acid are among the top nonsurgical procedures worldwide. This means that thousands of both women and men will choose filler injections to bring out their inner beauty.

In this webinar, our speakers will discuss how they envision the cosmetic world in the next five to ten years. Not just with each other, but also with the audience. Topics like which products are likely to be on the market by then, and how technology can help improve patient satisfaction, will definitely be discussed during this very interesting webinar.

Who can subscribe?

All plastic surgeons and dermatologists from the United Kingdom and the Benelux are more than welcome to take part in this webinar. Any other doctors, cosmetic physicians and other health care practitioners who perform filler injections can also benefit from listening to the insights of our panelists about the future of the aesthetic world as well, just as long as they speak English.

Products, applications and technologies will be discussed during this online event, which means that any cosmetic expert can discover more about how to optimize their clinic growth in the future and how to invest in the relationship with their patients. This is – of course – a top priority for all health care practitioners who perform filler injections!

Board of panelists

We’ve already discussed what to expect, but another great question is: who to expect? Our board exists of three well-known and very reliable experts:

Panelist 1: Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx

He’s a professor in plastic surgery at the Brussels University Hospital (UZ Brussel) and has private practices in Knokke and in Wemmel. He is also the founder of Augmented Anatomy and member of numerous international societies: RBSPS, ISAPS, EURAP and AAPS. Professor Hendrickx has already written many scientific publications about facial anatomy and he’s a demanded speaker on international conferences about facial aesthetics.

He will also be the moderator in this webinar.

Panelist 2: Doctor Joan Vandeputte (Benelux)
This cosmetic expert has been working as a plastic surgeon in the General Hospital in Oudenaarde (Belgium) for more than 16 years now and he also runs his own private practice devoted to minimally invasive procedures.

Panelist 3: Aesthetic Doctor Sophie Shotter (United Kingdom)
Doctor Sophie Shotter feels that it’s her mission to help her clients feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Her award-winning clinic Illuminate – based in Kent – has built a reputation for excellence, discretion and outstanding customer service.

These three big personalities will be giving their opinions on how they see the future of fillers and they will share their insights on new products, applications and technologies. Even better: they will also be exposing their own experiences AND they will be answering questions from the audience.

Our advice? Don’t miss out!

Which topics will be discussed?

The main goal of this webinar is to give the participants an idea of how experts see the near future of aesthetics. But of course, a few trending topics will also be up for debate to give all participants – not only more insights – but inspiration to improve their services and their client experiences.

We present the world’s first cutting-edge technology to visualise the real arterial anatomy of an individual through Augmented Reality. ARtery3D, the game changer you’ve been waiting for.

During this webinar, the panel speakers will be talking about:

  • Filler injections and how this is one of the top nonsurgical procedures in aesthetics.
  • New formulas and compositions in the fillers industry.
  • Our cosmetic experts will be giving you a look at what’s available today and – maybe even more importantly – what’s coming in the future.
  • Patient satisfaction: which is a top priority for all doctors.
  • Management of complications: the most common ones and how to deal with them.
  • Patient loyalty: how to retain the most valuable customers.

Every participant will be treated to lots of interesting and very valuable information on how to improve and optimize their working methods!

Conclusion: don’t miss out!

“An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest.”

Any English speaking health care practitioner who performs filler injections can benefit from subscribing to this webinar. Treat yourself to lots of useful information, insights on the future of aesthetics and more information about new (upcoming) tools and technologies.

Find out how other cosmetic experts think the world of filler injections will evolve in the next few years and discover how you – as a health care practitioner – can evolve with it. You even get to learn from the experiences of the greatest cosmetic doctors!

The medical world is changing so fast and so is technology. So make sure that you stay up-to-date and discover how you can take your services to the next level, how you can optimize your procedures and how you can invest in healthy and loyal relationships with your patients.

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