ARtery3D @ ACE 2022 in London

Innovative medical technology.

A new cutting-edge method to perform filler injections.

A smartphone application to optimize the quality of filler procedures.

There are so many ways to describe what ARtery3D is and how it works… So we are very proud and excited to announce that we will be explaining every little detail of this new technology, during our official launch of ARtery3D in the United Kingdom! That’s right, we will be present at ACE on March 11th and 12th in London, to officially introduce our app in the UK! 

Everything you need to know about this easy-to-use smartphone application – including all of the benefits – will be thoroughly explained AND demonstrated at this conference. So, cosmetic experts, get ready to learn, discover a new way of performing filler injections and last but not least: optimize your clinic growth!

What is ACE?

ACE or The Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition is the UK’s leading event for non-surgical medical aesthetics.Every year, over more than 2000 delegates gather together at the Business Design Centre to learn from leading experts about injectables, threads, clinical practice, laser, skin rejuvenation, peels, complications, stem cell hair regeneration, energy devices and the latest business support – and now, for the very first time: ARtery3D!

ACE is the perfect place to discover the latest aesthetic products and technologies for clinics. This conference provides an opportunity for medical aesthetic professionals to come together for two days of discovery, learning, business and networking. The main goal of ACE is to give professionals a chance to widen their clinic offering, improve their service and last but not least: to help them stand out from their peers.

And that’s exactly what ARtery3D does: it makes you stand out!

Who are you?

Are you a doctor, health care practitioner or any other cosmetic expert who performs filler injections on a regular basis? Then you should definitely find out more about how ARtery3D can help improve your treatments.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re absolutely sure that professionals like yourself provide a very good service. Especially with all the medical experience and knowledge doctors and health care practitioners have these days!

So why would you need a tool like ARtery3D – when both you and your patients are already very satisfied with the treatments you provide? Easy, because you can always be better. Not just better for your clients, but better than your peers.

So whether you’re able to attend the ACE conference or not: learning more about ARtery3D and the AR technology that is used to visualize the arterial anatomy of patients, is without a doubt 100% useful and beneficial to you.

Here’s what to expect

We will have our very own booth at ACE, where you can learn more about the benefits of ARtery3D. We will also be giving live demonstrations to show you exactly how it works and how it can improve your filler treatments and even your patient satisfaction in the long run!

Are you getting excited to attend the conference? You definitely should, because we are even offering interesting discounts!

Be a pioneer, not just a peer

We don’t have to explain that there’s a lot of competition in the filler market. Professionals who can perform filler injections are popping up everywhere these days. Obvious, since the demand is still growing on a daily basis. They all claim to be experts and to provide the best service possible. So, what are patients basing their choice of doctor on nowadays?

Saying the words just isn’t enough anymore, patients need more. They need proof, they want to see evidence. In great results – of course. But there’s another way to show (potential) patients how much you care about the quality of your treatments and the accuracy of your procedures: ARtery3D!

Case: there’s a new patient who wants to have filler injections performed. She cares a lot about quality and is even willing to pay more – just to make sure that she gets exactly what she’s expecting. Of course, she’s not just picking the first clinic she reads about online. No, she’s doing her research to make sure that she won’t regret the choices she’s about to make. And then, she winds up hearing about a clinic who uses AR technology to visualize every patient’s unique facial arteries. She starts reading about this new cutting-edge app and she finds out the many benefits from ARtery3D, such as: filler procedures with more accuracy and less pain and bruising during and after the treatment.*

* Clinical study in progress in Knokke (Prof. Benoit Hendrickx)

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that the woman in this case will definitely choose the cosmetic expert who uses ARtery3D to perform her filler injections, over any other professional… And think about it: who do you think she will be calling the next time she wants to have fillers? Or when her friends ask her who they should go to for their filler injections?

The simple reason why more patients choose your clinic when you work with ARtery3D is crystal clear: you’re one step ahead of your competitors. And as soon as clients experience the amazing service you’re providing – and all the benefits that come along with this technology – they won’t even consider turning to someone else, anymore. That’s how you develop a long, healthy relationship with your clients – based on trust and loyalty.

Conclusion: nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Let’s all agree that ARtery3D is definitely worth discovering more about! Especially if you’re looking to optimize the quality of your filler procedures and if you want to invest in the relationship with your patients.

So, we are inviting everyone who’s interested to the ACE conference in London, where we will be very excited to welcome you and explain every last detail about ARtery3D to you.

Are you unable to attend and were you really hoping to catch one of our live demonstrations? Don’t worry, our experts are more than happy to do a live demo with you and provide you with all the info you need!

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