Overwhelming success of the Masterclasses of Dr. Karl Waked and Dr. Alba Martínez: Transforming aesthetic surgery

Both of lessons were a total success in participation and acceptance

The world of cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving, and staying up to date with the latest trends and practices is essential for professionals in the sector. Last month of June witnessed two outstanding events that captured the attention of the medical community: the Masterclasses taught by Dr. Karl Waked on June 7 and Dr. Alba Martínez on June 19. Both events, organized by the Centre for European Master´s Programmes (CEMP) not only stood out for their quality and innovation, but also for the high participation and widespread acclaim of attendees.

Innovation and Perspective

Dr. Karl Waked

June 7th

On June 7, Dr. Karl Waked offered a webinar that became a true milestone for aesthetic surgery professionals. With vast experience and an innovative approach, Dr. Waked shared his valuable insights, advanced techniques and best practices that have led to success in his career.

From essential fundamentals to cutting-edge trends, Dr. Waked provided a unique and insightful perspective that has transformed attendees’ approach to cosmetic surgery. His ability to break down complex concepts into practical, applicable strategies made the content not only accessible, but also incredibly valuable to professionals looking to improve and update their knowledge.
Among the highlights, Dr. Waked addressed new methodologies and technologies that are redefining modern cosmetic surgery. His focus on constant innovation and refinement of existing techniques resonated deeply with attendees, who left the event equipped with crucial tools and knowledge to advance their careers.

Mastery in prevention and management of complications

Dr. Alba Martínez

June 19th

On June 19, Dr. Alba Martínez presented a webinar focused on a vitally important topic: the prevention and management of complications in aesthetic surgeries. Her talk offered an exhaustive analysis of the most common complications and side effects in aesthetic medicine, providing clear and effective strategies to avoid, diagnose and treat them.

From preventive strategies to detailed protocols for action in emergency situations, Dr. Martínez provided participants with fundamental tools to face challenges with professionalism and safety. Her meticulous approach and subject matter expertise ensured that attendees not only understood the theory behind the complications but also gained the confidence to handle any adverse situation in practice.
One of the most innovative aspects of his presentation was the introduction of ARtery 3D, which she called “the most innovative tool in aesthetics, Arterial GPS.” This revolutionary tool is transforming cosmetic surgery by providing detailed and precise guidance that helps minimize risks and improve clinical results. Dr. Martínez highlighted how ARtery 3D is marking a before and after in the planning and execution of aesthetic procedures, underlining its potential to significantly improve safety and effectiveness in this field.
A total success in participation and acceptance
Both webinars, organized by the Centre for European Master´s Programmes (CEMP), were a resounding success, attracting a large number of attendees interested in honing their skills and keeping up to date with the latest innovations in cosmetic surgery. The quality of the content, combined with the expertise of the speakers, made these events an invaluable source of knowledge and learning.
The active participation of attendees and the positive feedback received highlight the relevance and need for this type of educational events in the field of aesthetic surgery. The professionals came away inspired and better prepared to apply the new techniques and knowledge acquired in their daily practice, which will undoubtedly contribute to raising the standards of aesthetic medicine globally.

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