10 reasons to use ARtery 3D

Why there are so many professionals who treat and operate in prestigious centers in Barcelone, London or in Madrid?

The ARtery 3D application is increasingly used by prestigious surgeons from several countries in the field of aesthetic medicine. Technological development in this field has not stopped growing. And our application, based on augmented reality, is one of the bastions of innovation in favor of patient safety. But, specifically, what are the reasons why there are so many professionals such as those who treat and operate at the Center Clínic MIR-MIR in Barcelone, the Phi Clinic in London or the Instituto Médico Láser in Madrid, centers of recognized prestige in the field of aesthetic medicine? What main advantages stand out when asked about ARtery 3D?



All professionals who begin a treatment or a delicate operation want to operate as safely as possible. Always. And that is what ARtery 3D offers. A security that makes the patients of the surgeons who already use our application more than satisfied with the arrival of our application to the operating rooms


Easy to use

No complications. ARtery 3D is a very intuitive application and very easy to use, you don’t need to think much, read instructions, or follow a tutorial to use it.


Analysis savings

All the information obtained from the patient thanks to our application is accumulated for future occasions, saving the patient the inconvenience of having to undergo certain tests every time he enters a medical center.


Almost real GPS

ARtery 3D generates a very high correlation between what is real and what is seen in the application, between the arteries that a patient actually has and those that surgeons observe on their mobile phone or computer.


In a matter of seconds

The patient’s arterial map obtained after placing the mobile phone in front of the face is obtained in just a few seconds. The patient appreciates that it is such a quick method, but with which so much useful information is obtained.


Less bleeding

By obtaining a more specific image of what surgeons will encounter when they begin any treatment or operation, the vascular structures are respected and risks such as bleeding are reduced, a clear benefit for many aesthetic medicine patients.


Not invasive

Surgeons know that people who are going to undergo treatment or surgery ask about new techniques and hope that they cause as few traces as possible. And ARtery 3D precisely provides an arterial map so that, for example, infiltrations are the least invasive.


Study tool

Augmented Anatomy signed a collaboration agreement with the European Center for Masters and Postgraduate Studies (CEMP) that allows students of the Master in Aesthetic Medicine and its specialities in Cosmetics, Restorative and Oncological Aesthetics, and Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine to use our software. Therefore, professors and students of this Master in Aesthetic Medicine already use our innovative application as part of the tools focused on preventive and restorative practice, which allows changing and/or correcting aesthetic aspects of the patient. That the surgeons of the future become familiar with our application in the classroom is a sign that ARtery 3D is a long-term commitment.


Mild post-operative

Patients, after undergoing treatments and operations, will often obtain very satisfactory results and with mild post-operative processes. With very little discomfort or facial marks. And this is one of the advantages most appreciated by all those people who decide to enter an operating room.


Technological base

The cornerstone of such satisfactory digital results has an increasingly advantageous technological base not only in the field of aesthetic medicine: augmented reality.

In short, at ARtery 3D we can only thank the entire group of plastic surgeons who treat and operate on their patients with the efficiency, comfort, certainty and versatility that our application offers and with which, above all, the patient feels greater security when crossing the operating room door.

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