ARtery 3D, in Phi Clinic (London)

Thanks to the growing interest in Great Britain in the benefits in the medical field of augmented reality in general and our ARtery 3D application in particular, famous journalist Alice Hart-Davis contacted us because she wanted to do a report on the advantages of the treatments and operations that are carried out in your country previously using our application.

Hart-Davis has been to the Phi Clinic in London, where he was able to interview a patient and her doctor, Dr. Amanda Penny, as well as our representative of Augmented Reality in the UK, Caroline Gwilliam, a report that will be published in upcoming dates in The Tweakments Guide. The journalist was able to see calmly and first-hand how the application works and the sensations it generates in both the professional and the patient.

Dr. Amanda Penny, an experienced surgeon, has been including ARtery 3D into her daily routine for some time now, a case similar to what different and renowned surgeons from clinics such as the Center Clinic MIR-MIR (Barcelone) or the Medical Laser Institute (Madrid), centers of recognized prestige in the field of aesthetic surgery. Some of the names that these professionals who already use ARtery 3D are Dr. Alba Martínez, Dr. Tai-Sik Yoon, Dr. Jordi Descarrega or Dr. Sebastian Mir.
According to her practice, for Dr. Amanda Penny our app “it’s really easy to use it. The process, thanks to ARtery 3D, it’s more comfortable and safer for our patients”. Soon you will be able to read his full report to learn from the experience of a journalist how ARtery 3D works and all the security it emanates. And patients feel more relieved before and after undergoing treatments and operations, thanks to the possibilities that ARtery 3D offers them, feeling that the Augmented Reality team has made a great effort to ensure that the medical result is as satisfactory as possible.
Our ARtery 3D digital application, based on augmented reality, manages to detect and visualize all the facial arteries of any person in just a few seconds. And, as a result of this kind of GPS of the face, operations such as rhinoplasty are carried out more safely, since the surgeon knows all the patient’s blood vessels before having the scalpel in his hands.
Furthermore, once a patient’s arterial anatomy is analyzed, all that information is accumulated for future occasions, saving the patient the inconvenience of having to undergo certain tests every time they enter a medical center.
After using the mobile phone for those few seconds, injectable treatments, such as Botox or hyaluronic acid or operations such as rhinoplasty, are carried out more safely, since the surgeon knows the patient’s blood vessels before taking the scalpel. In your hands. In the event that a surgeon has to reconstruct serious facial injuries caused, for example, after a traffic accident, ARtery 3D provides the necessary information to intervene more safely in order to reduce surgical risks, which logically benefits the patient.
At Augmented Reality we can only thank the interest of journalist Alice Hard-Davis and the willingness of both the Phi Clinic and King Edward VII’s hospital, the center where the relevant MRIs are carried out. ARtery 3D will continue to grow and help doctors and patients enjoy greater safety, comfort, efficiency and versatility, which is why we encourage any surgical professional, not just in the UK, to treat and operate with our app.
And, as the founder and president of Augmented Anatomy, Dr. Benoit Hendrickx, assures, it is a digital application that is based on augmented reality and that allows plastic surgeons to treat and operate with more precision by knowing in advance the facial arterial system of each patient. And that prior knowledge is always synonymous with security.
Created in 2020, ARtery 3D allows you to view the arteries in anyone’s face on your mobile phone. It’s a completely updated application that can be easily downloaded, in continuous development and focused on improving medical practice through the implementations of the latest technologies.


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