CEMP: “There is a great future ahead for augmented reality”

ARtery 3D provides our Master's students a great practical experience that complements their theoretical learning

Some time ago ARtery 3D and the European Center for Master’s and Postgraduate Studies (CEMP) signed an important agreement that will benefit all those who decide to study the Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine offered by CEMP, whose three current specialities make it students obtain knowledge in Cosmetics, Restorative and Oncological Aesthetics and Antiaging and, finally, Regenerative Medicine.

For Beatriz Nespereira, CEMP Brand Manager, “signing an agreement with an application like ARtery 3D is a great opportunity for the students of the CEMP Master in Aesthetic Medicine. This collaboration gives you access to an innovative tool that allows each professional to better explore and understand medical procedures in a virtual environment. Plus, it gives you the chance to practice and hone your skills before facing real situations.”

Every person who decides to take a master’s degree needs to check everything they learn theoretically. He needs to put into practice the knowledge that he acquires as the course in question progresses. Hence, Nespereira considers that “the incorporation of ARtery 3D provides students with a practical experience that complements their theoretical learning. By being able to visualize and manipulate 3D models of human anatomy and aesthetic procedures, students can strengthen their understanding and improve their technical skills in an interactive way.”

Finally, one of the people who best knows the Master in Aesthetic Medicine taught at CEMP predicts a great future for augmented reality in the field of aesthetic medicine: “It is very likely that there will be an increase in its use. The ability to use augmented reality technology to prepare medical procedures on different parts of the body offers significant benefits in terms of safety. And we believe that this trend will not be limited to just the face, but will extend to other areas of aesthetic medicine, allowing professionals to expand their knowledge and skills in a variety of procedures. Furthermore, at CEMP we are convinced that its use will be expanded to other sectors of medicine or dentistry.”

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