Our software, in the Master’s classes in Aesthetic Medicine of CEMP

The Augmented Anatomy team has managed to sign an important collaboration agreement with the European Center for Master's and Postgraduate Studies (CEMP).

In the near future, this prestigious center that organizes multiple courses, master’s degrees and postgraduate courses will include the possibility of using our software among the students of the Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine. It is a Master’s Degree with different specialities such as Cosmetics, Restorative and Oncological Aesthetics and Antiaging or Regenerative Medicine.

This Master in Aesthetic Medicine is a medical specialization focused on preventive and restorative practice that allows changing and/or correcting aesthetic aspects of the patient through non-invasive techniques, such as the well-known rejuvenating treatments without surgery. And that is precisely where the possibility lies for the students of said Master’s degree to know the advantages and possibilities of our application

Throughout the different classes, students taking the Master will learn the concepts, medical-aesthetic devices, diagnoses, prognoses and techniques and treatments of the main aesthetic pathologies and their prevention.

The European Center for Masters and Postgraduate Studies, as the entity’s website says, is aware that aesthetic medicine is currently a booming sector. Which generates a high demand for professionals. And logically they have to have the best tools to achieve the best results and for patients to be the first to benefit, obtaining comfort, certainty or versatility and, above all, security.

1,500 teaching hours, internships in companies, 100 hours of audiovisual materials as part of the teaching material base, different masterclasses with great professionals or the relevant Master’s final project will be some of the backbones of this Master in Aesthetic Medicine that is currently open your call for next May. One of the final objectives of this Master’s Degree is that the students who take it receive solid training that provides them with the necessary confidence to practice in the field of aesthetic medicine as authentic and competent professionals.

From Augmented Anatomy we can only celebrate having reached the aforementioned collaboration agreement with the European Center for Masters and Postgraduates. Starting next May, there will be many Aesthetic Medicine students who know our ARtery 3D application, who will try it, who will see first-hand all the advantages of knowing the arterial anatomy of each patient before any treatment or operation.

Currently, there are numerous doctors from renowned centers in the field of aesthetic surgery who already handle and master our application and who previously treat their patients with this technique. But, as a novel and future-oriented application that it is, ARtery has to reach the mobile phones of those who will be the aesthetic medicine professionals of tomorrow.

In the field of medicine, there are numerous initiatives that, in recent years, try to apply the best of technologies to seek the well-being of patients. And if these initiatives are supported by entities such as the European Center for Master’s and Postgraduate Degrees, through which thousands of students pass each year wanting to become better professionals, aesthetic medicine and society are in luck.

From now on, therefore, ARtery will no longer only be known and used in prestigious medical centers, such as those in Madrid, London or Barcelone, but young people eager to become surgeons will also grow professionally knowing that thanks to ARtery patients are in better hands.

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