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In the dynamic landscape of medical technology, the trajectory of innovation is relentless. Since its inception in 2020, ARtery 3D, developed by Augmented Anatomy, has emerged as a vanguard of this inexorable progress.

Recently the Dr. Kim Detollenaere has been explaining in her Instagram profile how this technology is increasing quality, security and complete interventions to her Botox and hyaluronic patients.

This groundbreaking application offers a glimpse into the future of medical practice, with a specific focus on visualizing facial arteries via the convenience of a smartphone. Dr. Kim Detollenaere insists about how continuously evolving and effortlessly accessible, ARtery 3D epitomizes the integration of cutting-edge technologies, particularly augmented reality, to elevate medical procedures to unprecedented levels of precision and safety.

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ARtery 3D isn’t merely a conduit for innovation; it’s safety. Beyond its role in executing aesthetic plans with unparalleled accuracy, this application is designed to mitigate the potential for medical errors significantly. Dr. Kim Detollenaere, in her recent Instagram post, underscores the significance of such advancements, stating, “patients may not fully comprehend the complexities or potential ramifications of certain treatments. Hence, any tool that enhances safety, such as ARtery 3D, is unequivocally welcomed“.

In her nice Instagram post, Dr. Kim Detollenaere elucidates the ease of use and the invaluable tools that ARtery 3D provides to the medical community. “In recent years, the landscape of medicine has been revolutionized by technological advancements, especially in the realm of aesthetic medicine”, she asserts: “ARtery 3D stands offering a seamless blend of innovation and practicality”.


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The Dr. Detollenaere endorsement of ARtery 3D underscores its transformative potential within the medical community. From aiding in treatment planning to serving as an educational resource, ARtery 3D offers a multifaceted approach to enhancing patient care. Its intuitive interface and real-time visualization capabilities empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

In the realm of maxillofacial reconstructive and aesthetic medicine, advancements occur at a relentless pace. To some, the progress may seem almost magical, an unreal phenomenon. However, the truth lies in a technology which is adaptive, unstoppable, and ever-evolving. It is technology that fuels the swift daily progress in this field of medicine, providing increasingly precise, capable, and high-quality resources.

Click here and discover hoy ARtery 3D, a digital application poised at the forefront of this technological revolution. Or click here to request a Demo. Agile and user-friendly, this app is designed to offer detailed visualization of each patient’s facial arterial anatomy, thereby enhancing both reconstructive and aesthetic maxillofacial interventions to near perfection.

This innovative app not only provides medical security but also expedites procedures. ARtery 3D has the capability to detect and visualize the facial arteries of any individual. It operates as a standard application, allowing for the accumulation of a patient’s facial arterial anatomy information. This not only ensures medical safety and expediency during interventions but also enables the generation of a unique archive containing all augmented reality images specific to each patient.

Diverse professionals in plastic surgeon, acknowledge that “ARtery 3D saves patients the inconvenience of undergoing certain tests each time they visit a medical facility. Patients are aware of new techniques, inquire about them, and aspire for them to be as minimally invasive as possible. ARtery 3D fulfils this aspiration, indicating, for instance, the location of facial arteries before injections”.

The integration of ARtery 3D into medical practice represents a significant leap forward in the field of maxillofacial medicine. Click here to see How It Works. By harnessing the power of technology, healthcare professionals will achieve unparalleled precision, safety, and efficiency in their interventions. With ARtery 3D leading the charge, the future of aesthetic medicine (Botox and hyaluronic) is brighter than ever.


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