How patients feel about ARtery 3D

How patients feel about ARtery 3D

A lot has changed since we officially founded ARtery 3D. Our company has improved significantly, we have expanded globally and we have definitely grown over the years. Right now we have cosmetic experts working with our technology in several countries all over the world. That’s very exciting to us, because we can actually see the cutting-edge technology we have built being used in cosmetic clinics on actual patients. We are confronted with real results on a daily basis (and we like what we see!), but we also get real feedback from our licensed users… and of course their patients. And that’s who we will be putting focus on today in this blog. Usually we highlight MRI firms in general (because they play a huge part in what we do), but we mostly put focus on the cosmetic experts who will be actually using our app.

This is a very good moment to remember that the patient’s opinion is at least as important as the opinion of the cosmetic expert treating them. Because in the end, it’s the patient we are all doing it for.

What can ARtery 3D do for these patients?

First of all, let’s recap what ARtery 3D brings to the table for the actual patients who are getting fillers done. Whenever a cosmetic doctor decides to use our ARtery 3D app when performing filler injections, they unlock the opportunity to visualize the patient’s unique arterial network with AR technology. This means that any injector using ARtery 3D can see every single facial artery and blood vessel in real time on the screen of their smartphone. Indeed, very revolutionary! But what is that good for? Well, because the cosmetic expert is able to tell the exact location of every facial artery, they can perform filler injections in a more accurate way. It’s much safer to do the procedure like this and more so: the overall quality is significantly better. 

What are the benefits?

The benefits for patients who are getting filler injections done are plenty. First of all, they know for a fact that their health practitioner has a better view on where the patient’s exact facial arteries are located. This means that the risk of hitting a blood vessel when injecting is significantly reduced. Because cosmetic doctors are able to perform these filler treatments in a more accurate way, this results into less bruising after the procedure and less pain during the treatment. That’s definitely something all patients are very excited about! All of this results into patients feeling more at ease when getting filler injections done with this any doctor who uses ARtery 3D. They will definitely return the next time they want to get fillers done, because they know that they are in very good hands.

Even more so, they will recommend their cosmetic doctor to other potential patients, providing the heath practitioner with more clients.

How do patients feel about doctors using our technology?

We had the chance to talk to a few patients who have been treated by cosmetic doctors who were using ARtery 3D. It’s safe to say that we have received nothing but amazing feedback. They are all very excited about the positive experience they had when getting filler injections done. The patients who had prior filler experiences – without the use of any medical technology or our ARtery 3D app – all say the same thing. There’s a significant difference, they feel a lot more at ease, they aren’t as afraid as they used to be anymore. Another factor patients really love about ARtery 3D is how the pain and bruising reduces to a minimum.

We get a lot of the same feedback from patients: their filler experiences are so much better and more positive now that ARtery 3D is being used. Some of them even say that going to see a cosmetic doctor who doesn’t use ARtery 3D to perform their filler injections, is a complete no-go.

Of course, it is a very big deal to us that all of the cosmetic experts realize how easy and important it is to implement this kind of innovating and cutting-edge technology into their daily filler procedures. But at the end of the day, they too are only trying to satisfy their patients and trying to give them the best treatments possible. That is why we truly care about the opinion of the patients as well.

Excited about the future!

We hope we get to make a lot more patients happy with our technology in the future. Get ready, people all around the world, because the world of fillers will never be the same again once we’re done!

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