Thanks to all our SuperUsers

Thanks to all our SuperUsers

We are excited! Why? Because we recently launched our SuperUser program and we’re very happy to announce that it was a success! Are you wondering what our SuperUser program is, how it works and what the benefits are? Read our blog and find out the ins and outs of this program and why we believe that this could definitely benefit the progress we’re making with ARtery 3D. We’re going to change the world of fillers one day; just wait and see!

From struggles to SuperUser Program

We launched our SuperUser Program a little while ago, because we were experiencing some difficulties with convincing cosmetic experts to actually take the step and start using ARtery 3D to perform filler injections. Whenever we would introduce our app to the medical world, everybody would act very excited and impressed. But we discovered that even though doctors really liked what they saw, they weren’t too fond of making the switch right away to start using ARtery 3D. Cosmetic experts are set in their ways, and that’s totally okay, because that’s what made them so successful in the first place. However, there is always room for improvement. And that is the solution that we at ARtery 3D are offering to the medical world: a solution to perform filler injections in a better, more accurate and safer way.

We knew that there had to be a better way to give ARtery 3D the position in the filler market that it truly deserves. So we gathered around the table with our team of international experts in our brand new offices in Mechelen, Belgium. We sat down and we discussed our options. What could we do to change the fact that most of these cosmetic experts felt like they weren’t ready yet to take their practice to a whole other level by implementing our innovative technology?

And then, after a long brainstorming session, the puzzle pieces fell into place. We could launch a program with which we could give new users a chance to try out our technology for free. But – and that’s where we struggled a bit at first – what’s in it for us? Other than introducing new potential licensed users to our technology.

Don’t get us wrong, having more ARtery 3D users sounds absolutely amazing to us, but we felt like we could get even more out of this new SuperUser Program. And that’s when it hit us: what if we could ask these SuperUsers to provide us with feedback on our app? We’re working so hard every day to improve our technology and direct feedback from cosmetic experts who are actually in the field, using our app on a daily basis, could be of great value to our tech team. So we decided to give it a go!

Next up? More MRI firms. What if every SuperUser could provide us with the personal details of one or more MRI centers near their practice? That way, we could contact these radiology centers and try to get them on board to work with ARtery 3D too!

That’s when the successful concept behind our SuperUser Program was born.

What is our SuperUser program?

So to sum up: interested cosmetic experts can get a free license to try out our technology for free during 6 months. All we ask for in return is that they provide us with feedback on our app and that they provide us with the personal details of one or more MRI firms near their practice. Sounds easy, right?

Our part in all of this? Of course we are guiding our new SuperUsers through every step of the way during the period of their free license. Our team will be of their assistance whenever they feel like they could use a little help or advice.

First off, we contact our new SuperUsers for a free demo to set everything up and to explain to them how exactly our technology works. After that, we treat them as one of our official ARtery 3D community members. They are just as important to us as any other licensed user, because they can provide us with valuable information which is truly priceless to us. 

Welcome to all our new SuperUsers

Right now, we’ve gathered a group of new SuperUsers who are located in several countries, mostly other than Belgium. This is exactly what we were hoping to do, because one of our goals with this program was also to expand globally.
We can’t express how excited we are to welcome these new cosmetic experts into our ARtery 3D-community. These people decided to take a leap and start working with our cutting-edge technology and that shows that they believe in the extra value that our app could create for them while performing filler injections. This mindset is actually all we are looking for in our new users; we want people who believe in our product as much as we do. We feel like we are ready to take over the filler market, one country at a time, with our amazing technology. So it means the world to us, that we now have even more people on board who are all looking in the same direction. Welcome to all of our new SuperUsers, we are going to do great things together!

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