New distributor in the Netherlands: Aleamed

ARtery 3D is a Belgian start-up company and among the first to implement the use of augmented reality (AR) in the medical world. Together with a team of doctors, engineers, and IT-experts, we developed the first AR app that enables you to visualize the unique arterial patient anatomy. ARtery 3D is growing, and we are proud to inform you on our new distributor in the Netherlands: Aleamed!
In short, ARtery 3D is about to become more prominent in the BeNeLux countries with thanks to this new collaboration (and our promising technologies of course)! Find out everything about our new distributor and the presence of filler treatments in the Netherlands.

Aleamed Bvba

Have you heard about the new ARtery 3D distributor, Aleamed bvba? It is a distribution company that specializes in the sale of medical devices for both hospitals and private doctors. They are known to only consult with suppliers who produce medical devices that meet their strict requirements for quality, durability, care and innovation. It’s no surprise that we are proud to announce our collaboration. 

Aleamed stands for premium quality, reliability and excellent sense of duty. This is most necessary within the field of cosmetic surgery, since you want to be able to trust your equipment as a surgeon or cosmetic doctor. Besides their reliability, we strongly believe in the ability of Aleamed to provide their customers with necessary know-how and great service. With the products of ARtery 3D in their range, the Netherlands are assured of new opportunities concerning innovative filler treatments.

Our presence in the BeNeLux

Filler injections are becoming more and more popular with an annual increase of more than 18% worldwide and a total number of treatments of more than ten million annually. That also counts for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. In the Benelux countries, it is one of the fastest growing cosmetic treatments, with growth rates of more than 10% per year. 

At ARtery 3D, we understand that arterial anatomy is unique to each patient. We also know that patients demand safety, good results and high comfort. A method, implementing advanced technology to improve the quality of your injections is thus very welcome within the world of aesthetics. Since ARtery 3D is among the first to implement the use of augmented reality (AR) in the medical world, our technology was picked up quickly and we are rapidly growing. 

The last few months, as well as the following months, we aim to be present at every distinguished event in the BeNeLux and Europe within the world of fillers, cosmetics and aesthetics. That way we can reach the right people and show them the benefits and reliability of our product. 

Have you missed us at the ACE Congress in London or did you miss our webinar on the future of fillers? No worries. If you want to find out about our application and the implementation of it within your clinic, you will get plenty of chances. To begin with, this Saturday, we are sponsoring and attending a BIG event in Brussels: the RBSPS Spring Meeting on the 7th of May. See you there?

The Netherlands and filler treatments

What is the status of the popularity of filler procedures and dermal fillers in the Netherlands? Well, shortly put: the trend is growing. Filler treatments and other cosmetic procedures are no longer a limited good for American movie stars and famous people. According to an estimate by Erasmus MC (NDL), 400,000 cosmetic procedures are performed annually in the Netherlands, of which 250,000 were injected with botox and 140,000 with fillers, and these numbers are growing each year. Though, patients don’t seek for a ‘forever young look’, but generally just want to underline their own beauty. What better way to help them achieve their goals than with a easy-to-use technique that provides a acurate injection with less pain and discomfort during the treatment, and less bruising afterwards (*). 

* Clinical study in progress by Prof. Benoit Hendrickx in Knokke (2021)

Thanks to our collaboration with Aleamed bvba, (cosmetic) doctors and specialists in the Nederlands and the BeNeLux are to be informed on the quality and innovative point of view of our product. We are ready to put ARtery 3D on the map in Europe and to secure the future of fillers in the Netherlands. In the world of aesthetics, people are constantly working on new formulas and compositions in the fillers industry. 

In cooperation with our partners and distributors, we will continue to work on optimalisation of this top nonsurgical procedure. Partnerships bring lots of benefits. We meet new experts, share experiences and help each other to new insights and opportunities. With the rising popularity of cosmetic treatments and aesthetic procedures in the Netherlands, we are in a strong position in the field. Extra bonus: since our company is Belgian based, a visit to our neighbouring country is never far away!


We are pleased to share you the news about our cooperation with distributor Aleamed bvba. Our ARtery 3D technology is about to become more prominent in the Netherlands, and we are thrilled about it. Because of the growing demand and popularity of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures in the Netherlands, it’s of high importance to continue to look for innovative ways of comfortable and high quality methods for the performance of filler injections. 

Our team is eagered to work together with Aleamed and to find out the mutual benefits of this cooperation. We are ready to show our capabilities in the Low Countries! 

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