Our pioneering product: a closer look

Let’s take filler treatments to the next level: not only for your patients, but also for your clinic and your professional image. As most of you know, the aesthetic and cosmetic field is one of strong competition, and it you need to find a way to put yourself out there. What if we told you that’s it not all about offering the cheapest way for filler treatments? 

You should distinguish by offering quality, innovation and most of all value to your clinic. By implementing a prominent and promising technology into the process of filler injections, you show your patients that you are ready for the future of fillers. Ready, set, go!

This is how it works

ARtery 3D is the new way of injecting fillers. That’s exactly what our technology does. It makes you better – or in particular: it improves the quality of your treatments significantly. 

Our user-friendly smartphone app allows cosmetic experts to visualize the unique facial arteries of every patient through AR technology. Where previously, aesthetic doctors had to ‘guess’ where exactly all the veins in the face were exactly located, they now can follow a precise and unique map of the face of each individual patient. 

This means that cosmetic doctors can perform filler injections with more accuracy AND automatically also more quality. It simply makes the procedure safer, and the results more accurate and exactly according to the patient’s wishes. Patient satisfaction? Check!

The three-step way to success


During the first visit of your patient to a cosmetic healthcare practitioner, you will have to create a new profile on the ARtery3D app. After this, you can record a 20” video where the patient’s head turns from left to right.

Additionally, an MRI prescription should be provided. This mandatory, one-time scan will help us visualize every patient’s unique anatomy of the face. 


Now it’s time to book an appointment for a risk-free MRI. Your patient can pick a centre of their choice. This image-scanning procedure is free from radiation, and doesn’t require contrast fluids. All images will be uploaded directly to the ARtery3D app, so you can check the unique facial map of your patient right away.


In this final step, you complete the patient record on the ARtery 3D app. Now you can see the unique arterial anatomy of your patient through augmented reality. The soft tissue fillers can now be applied with knowledge of each patient’s individual anatomical details. 

An extra benefit: Since creating a unique digital patient record is necessary in order to use ARtery3D, it is actually really easy to keep track of every patient’s unique evolution, as well as any changes that may occur.

Before we forget, there’s actually a secret fourth step, check it out…

4. Enjoy the benefits of the precise filler injections and satisfied patients. You are now a pioneer in the world of cosmetics & aesthetics! 

What’s in it for you as a cosmetic doctor?

We don’t have to tell you that patient satisfaction is of great importance for any doctor. Any benefit concerning your client experiences, is automatically a huge benefit for cosmetic doctors as well. 

Don’t you want to be seen as a pioneer within your field? Then ask yourself: how do I get to stand out? By implementing the promising technology of ARtery 3D into your clinic, you show your patients that you invest in their comfort, and in the quality of your treatments. 

As you know, with filler injections, there is always a certain insecurity attached to intravascular filler injections. Thanks to ARtery 3D, you are now able to locate the exact place of every unique artery, and thus to reduce the risk and possible discomfort for your patients. Which patient doesn’t want a doctor who is known to be better than the rest to perform their filler injections? Exactly!

In other words: by joining the ARtery 3D community, you make a statement. It shows that you are ready for innovation and that you don’t hesitate to prepare yourself for the future of cosmetics. Even more so: it shows that you want to stay up-to-date, that you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors at all times and that you own a modern clinic where the newest technology is being used. This is exactly how you optimize your clinic growth and how you can obtain healthy, long-term relationships with your patients. Win-win!

Conclusion: don’t get behind!

Have you thought about taking your clinic to a higher level? And have you heard about the use of Augmented Reality in filler treatments? Than you are ready for ARtery 3D. Using our technology, you will be able to visualize your patients’ unique arterial anatomy. As known, the fact that everyone’s arterial map is different is a common difficulty in intravascular filler injections. With ARtery 3D, we can uplift the accuracy and quality of the process. Our application will enhance patient experience and reduce risk. Let’s hop on the train to the future of fillers together. 

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