Our vision and our mission: explained.

Our vision and our mission: explained.

What is ARtery 3D? By now you are probably quite familiar with our product and if this isn’t the case: here’s a quick recap. By using the latest AR technology, our team created our very own product to change things up in the world of aesthetics. We developed a possibility for doctors, health care practitioners and basically anyone else who can perform filler injections to take their treatments to the next level and offer their clients a better overall experience.

How exactly? By visualizing the patient’s unique arterial anatomy through our app. As a result, cosmetic doctors can perform their filler procedures with more accuracy and a reduced risk of complications. It’s safer, it’s more accurate, it’s innovative. It’s ARtery 3D.

What’s our vision?

How we see the world of aesthetics? That’s a very important question. In fact, it’s a question that we asked ourselves before we got started with ARtery 3D altogether. We could go on about it for hours because there’s so much to share about the field of aesthetics. But maybe we’ll keep that for one of our webinars. (If you’re interested in joining one of our webinars, follow us on socials to make sure you’re the first to know when we’re planning another one.)

So, here’s our take on things: we believe that technology and the world of fillers should go hand in hand. Right now, very few doctors implement medical technology when performing filler injections. We’re not really sure why that is, because to us it’s only natural to do so in this rapidly evolving world. But there are two reasons that come to mind when we wonder why technology isn’t implemented during every filler treatment. The first could be that there aren’t that many products and technologies on the market to help improve filler procedures. The second reason could be that these cosmetic experts haven’t been introduced to ARtery 3D yet. Every doctor who uses our product ends up telling us the same thing: they can’t imagine performing filler injections without ARtery 3D anymore.

If you know about it, you’ll want to use it. It’s as easy as that!

We believe that one day, in just a few years from now, cosmetic doctors won’t be able to perform filler treatments WITHOUT technology anymore. Not because they can’t (they’ve been doing it for years without technology and everything is perfectly fine), but because it’s so much easier. And not only that, it’s safer, the treatments are done with more accuracy and with an overall better quality.

Cosmetic experts should be able to perform filler procedures in a better and improved way. And AR technology – and especially ARtery 3D – is the perfect way to do so!

What’s our mission?

ARtery 3D

Where are we going? What do we want to accomplish? We’re talking about changing the world of fillers, but how exactly are we going to do that? Our mission is clear. Now maybe even more than ever.

With ARtery 3D, we want to give health care practitioners the possibility to perform filler injections in a better way – by using our technology. Every cosmetic expert in the field should be given the opportunity to take their treatments to a higher level. We want to make a difference for cosmetic doctors, as well as for the patients.

1. Doctor’s point of view

Anyone who can perform filler injections can decide to do it with the help of our innovative app. ARtery 3D makes it so much easier for cosmetic experts to see where the facial arteries are located, which results into a better quality of their treatments:

  • Less complications: or at least a reduced risk. ARtery 3D-users know exactly where to inject, which makes it safer.
  • More accuracy: perfection is very important in this field of work. 
  • Easy-to-use: our app is so practical. Anyone with a smartphone can use it.
  • Affordable: it’s a small price to pay when you think of all the benefits you get from using ARtery 3D.
  • Long, healthy relationships with patients: once your clients get used to a certain standard of quality, they’ll never want it any other way again. Why feel the need to change when things are exceptionally good?
  • Improve loyalty: thanks to the digital records in our app and the exceptional treatments, it’s very easy for your patients to keep going back to the same doctor for their fillers.
  • Stronger branding: when you choose ARtery 3D, you’re choosing to take the branding of your business to a higher level. And there’s no need to explain that this goes hand in hand with more turnover.
  • Pioneer: let’s face it. Everyone wants to be the best.

2. Patient’s point of view

ARtery 3D isn’t just lifechanging for the ones performing the filler injections, it’s also an outstanding innovation where the patients can benefit from as well. Who wouldn’t sign up for better quality filler treatments? When you know your cosmetic doctor uses our product to perform filler procedures, this is what you’ll get out of it:

  • Less bruising and pain: because the procedure is performed with more accuracy, there’s a much better chance of not having to deal with pain during the treatment and bruising after.
  • Better client experience: results don’t lie. The benefits from using ARtery 3D affect all of the patients in a very positive way.
  • Safer treatments: your doctor has your unique arterial anatomy in Augmented Reality on his or her phone, which means they will know the exact location of where they can or cannot inject fillers. Obviously, this results into a reduced risk of severe complications. Who would say no to that?!
  • Patient records: your doctor can also keep track of your digital records, including both changes and evolutions. All in our app!
  • Innovative treatments: if your cosmetic expert uses ARtery 3D, you can be pretty sure of the fact that he isn’t afraid to improve and he even uses technology to do so. What a pioneer!

ARtery 3D

Conclusion: evolve and improve

The world of aesthetics is running behind when it comes to using technology. Fillers are still gaining popularity every day… and we believe this isn’t going to change anytime soon. It’s time to change things up, to make a difference in the world of fillers. Why stand still when you can improve? There’s not a single cosmetic expert out there who wouldn’t want to be better than they were yesterday – or than their peers.
So trust technology and trust the power of ARtery 3D.

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