We are looking for distributors who are ready for the future.

Partnership is key for a future of growth and prosperity. That’s exactly why we find it important to treat our partners, clients, and distributors with care. So far, ARtery 3D has always been lucky with its customers and fellow experts within the field of cosmetics and aesthetics. It is a world of ambition, growth, and a mutual drive to keep searching for innovative ways to improve technologies and results.

What we are trying to say is, ARtery 3D is growing, and we want you to grow with us. With Aleamed bvba, we recently got a quality distributor in the Netherlands. Now, let’s take it further. ARtery 3D is looking for distributors all over Europe who are willing to dig into the world of filler injections and cosmetics! This blog is all about distributorship, so ambitious entrepreneurs: read along!

Advantages all the way

The main advantage of course is simplicity and stress-reduce. Distributors enable you to access international markets while avoiding logistics issues and many trade-related risks. It saves you a whole lot of time and effort to enter new markets with a product that has not yet made fame. The distributor is usually responsible for the shipment of goods, and the accompanying customs formalities and paperwork. They are reliable partners, and you can both lead each other to insights you might not have come up with by yourself. Good for both of you! But what’s in it for you as an ARtery 3D distributor?

The benefits of ARtery 3D distributorship

Looking for the right product to distribute? Then you must do your research properly. We’ll save you some time and share with you the main benefits of distributing the ARtery 3D technology to ambitious clinics.

► Improving injections through technology

► Grab your chance to distribute one of the most innovative technologies in aesthetics. On top of that, you will help to deliver a better patient experience for people all over the world.

► You would be working on an exclusive basis with profitable and scalable profit margins.

► Enjoy having a dedicated channel to support product users, by chat and email.

► Easy integration on your portfolio.

► All the marketing materials are available, we provide you with an exclusive marketing and communication plan to help you with the product expansion.

► ARtery 3D offers social media service to help you and your customers to share experiences, by doing a co-branding expansion (Distributor branding + ARtery 3D branding).

► Benefit from special discounts and promotions according to the sales volume.

Not bad, right? Keep in mind that we look for in-depth partnerships and qualitative long-term relationships with our distributors. That way, we can both grow and develop our (marketing) strategies and services.

Some tips to maintain a distributorship

1. Know your own product

This one sound obvious, but don’t be too haughty. A valuable tip for embarking on a relationship with a distributor is to know the product you’re selling, and everything that comes with it.

As an ARtery 3D distributor, our sales team would help you with in-depth information and briefing concerning each aspect of our product, such as: packaging, deals, history, and possibilities. It can help you market the product to consumers and distributors alike, and it definitely helps with tough questions while negotiating. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We’re in this together, let’s grow together!

2. Create a top-notch marketing plan

As most of you know, distributors sell products to retailers and consumers, but marketing responsibilities usually lie with manufacturers. Creating a marketing plan can help you show distributors the value and strengths of your product and the demand for the product within your target market. What are the ARtery 3D focus points in our marketing plan? Check it out:

  • Goals: Which goals do you want to accomplish through marketing and within your business? Tip: include your product’s KPI’s and add some extra credibility to your marketing plan.
  • Target audience: This one is very important. You must know precisely who you are aiming to sell to. Not every prospect is a buyer, so choose them wisely and gather (demographic) information on your target audience. For example: age, income bracket and behaviors.
  • Branding: Looks don’t always matter, but in marketing: they do! Make sure you include some branding strategies to enhance your product’s appeal to the audience. Tip: enable your social media channels to share your product or brand with the world!
  • Budget: Keep an eye on the cashflow… A marketing plan MUST include the budget for marketing strategies, including advertising and public relations.
  • Timing: This one is optional, but very useful. You can include the time frame for the product marketing strategy. There are multiple variables that can impact your (marketing) plan, such as budget, release date, your fiscal year, and competitive products. Take these in account, and you’ll be fine!

3. Know the distributor

Our third tip is a golden one: get to know the ins and outs of your possible distributor. First things first: step one is to convince a distributor that you have a product worth selling. Secondly, there’s understanding.

Understanding a distributor’s business needs and values can help you set up an attractive pitch for that gets the distributor interested. How does your product fit within the distributor’s business model? What is the added value for him in a partnership with your company? What are your mutual goals?

There’s no point in entering cooperation, if you don’t want to get to know each other. That’s exactly why we want to introduce ourselves in a one-to-one meeting online! Do you want to get to know team ARtery 3D? Book your meeting now!


Want to upscale your business? Think about working together with one or more distributors! Of course, there’s some preliminary research required in the quest to the perfect match for your company and business model. Now it’s up to you: let’s find out if our tips lead to a long-term distributorship. One thing is for use: you could both mean a lot to each other.

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